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10 Business Instructions from a Dental Oral Health Study

To have my teeth checked, I visit the dentist from time to time. Dr. Makoni, my mentor, is a business and academic leader and a dentist by heart. I’ve had my fair share of teeth removed from my jaws. These experiences, as well as a visit to Dr. Makoni’s surgery, have taught me some valuable business lessons about how taking care of your teeth can also help you take care of your business.

1. Neglecting to brush your teeth can lead to tooth rot. Regular flossing and regular brushing will help keep your teeth strong. Your business requires your attention every day. You can occasionally bring in a new CEO/Managing Director (new toothbrush). They can sweep and have the energy, intelligence, and determination that is needed.

2. For severely damaged teeth, extraction may be required. Because a missing tooth can cause severe facial deformities, it is not advisable to extract the tooth. Sometimes, people in business are forced to resign from their jobs, even if they have been allowed to improve, received repeated warnings, etc. Some positions may not be filled immediately, leaving others to work extra to replace dismissed workers.

3. Regular dental visits are necessary. Please do not ignore them at your peril. A tooth that has rotted must be treated immediately to prevent further damage. You must take care of the maintenance, repair, and upkeep of your assets to succeed in business. It is not enough to acquire assets. It would help if you took care of the assets and business now that they are yours.

4. Deep roots can make it more difficult to extract teeth. For a business to be successful, its foundations must be solid. Do not rush to start a business. Take your time to build a solid foundation. Business School is a great place to learn the fundamentals and value of the business. Businesses that are solidly grounded can withstand economic storms and will be able to withstand them.

5. Wisdom teeth are the first stages of tooth development. It is a process. Don’t panic if you feel like you are starting over. You can draw on the lessons learned from your initial business setup to build a stronger company that will last longer. Consider the first learning stage your “wisdom” collection stage. People have restarted their business three or four more times before finally reaching the top on the fifth. You can keep trying if you fail the first time.

6. Even the smallest bacteria can cause tooth decay. Even seemingly small problems like corruption, bribery, and short-cuts can hinder the ethical business. These are seemingly minor issues, but after years of practice, you will see that these activities can cause people to lose their conscience and heart, making it impossible for them to survive. Regular housekeeping is essential to keep your business healthy and strong (regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash). To determine if your staff are performing at their best, conduct HR audits.

7. Without the help of the lower jaw, upper jaw teeth cannot chew. Encouragement is a great way to make your business more profitable teamwork is more important than individual performance and skills. Missing teeth can make a smile look bad. It takes a complete set of teeth to complete the smile. As a team, Incisor takes the front bite. The pre-molars do the initial chewing, and the molars take over the food and grind it into small pieces. The upper and lower jaws move in tandem with each other.

8. Sometimes, it’s just one tooth that can cause you pain. It is possible to have six departments that perform well, but failing to address one department could affect the whole business. Your license to operate may be revoked if a department does not follow the established standards. This could affect all production. One tooth can ruin everything, just like one department can close a business.

9. It is not enough to have all your teeth. Are they white enough for a great smile? It doesn’t matter how many people you have in your business. If they don’t make enough profit, it is not worth having them. They could be kept, as you likely have some of them since the beginning of your business. However, they might still be an eyesore. Without food input, teeth can become dormant. For plant processes to function at their best, you need the right inputs to succeed in business.

10. Every set of teeth serves a different purpose than the rest. Because of their position on the jaw, not all teeth can bite. Some teeth can be frontal and used to smile or bite. Others take the bit that has been chewed to make the next stage of digestion. It’s a system that receives input, processes it, and then produces a result. Although they may differ in their shape and location, they can still work together as one force. Recognize each person’s unique calling and purpose.

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