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10 Common Piles Symptoms in Female

Piles is another word used for defining “Hermorrhoids.” According to various research, every human being has piles, and this clearly means that the severity of this condition help in diagnosing it properly.

Piles occur in women who are above 40 years of age, but they can also affect women who are pregnant. There are several symptoms of piles in female, which you should know.

Knowing the symptoms means getting proper and effective treatment for them. So, what are these symptoms? Let’s find out through this Guest Post.

Piles in Females: Common Types of Symptoms

Through this section, you will learn about the 10 most common symptoms of piles in female in detail. Let’s get started.

  • Swelling or Painful Lumps Near the Anus

Piles can certainly cause swelling or painful lumps around the anus. This can lead to discomfort when evacuating stool. Females might also experience difficulty in cleaning up right after the bowel movement. This is a common symptom of “external” hemorrhoids.

  • Redness Around the Anus

Piles can also cause soreness and redness around the anus. This is a sign of very severe hemorrhoids. Tightness or straining when defecating can lead to severe pain and cause other issues. It’s advised that you consult with a healthcare expert without fail if you’re experiencing these symptoms.

  • The Discharge of Mucus

One of the most popular symptoms of piles in female is the discharge of mucus through the anus. This will happen to females who have bulging and enlarged files. This is a sign of a severe health issue that you must take care of quickly. Females who are experiencing this type of problem should keep the anus and also the surrounding areas clean.

  • Anal Itching

When it comes to the symptoms of piles in female, anal itching is one of them. Piles fall under two main categories, which are internal and external. The external piles occur beneath the skin surrounding the anus, and the internal one occurs inside the rectum.

When internal hemorrhoid prolapses, in other words, pushed outside of the anal sphincter, it will bring mucus, which leads to itching and irritation. While passing stool, when it gets mixed with the mucus, it can cause a lot more itching and irritation.

  • Bleeding

Bleeding is one of the primary symptoms of piles in female, and it happens to thrombosed piles, external piles, and internal piles. Straining or passing a hard stool during the bowel movement will damage the hemorrhoid surface. This can lead to bleeding. Women will see traces or streaks of blood on the tissues while cleaning. On certain occasions, the blood might be visible in the stool or the toilet itself.

  • Pain and Swelling Due to Prolonged Sitting

Women who have jobs that involve sitting for long periods will experience pain and swelling. It’s because sitting for a longer duration puts pressure on the hips, which makes the gluteal muscles spread out. This stretches the small veins located near the rectum and anus. This provokes a lot of pain and bulging to take place.

  • Swelling and Irritation Because of Diarrhea

Women who suffer from diarrhea or have been the victim of diarrhea for long periods will experience the symptoms of piles. It’s because diarrhea can easily increase the swelling and irritation of piles, which will lead to painful sensations and inflammations.

  • Heavy Lifting

When it comes to the symptoms of piles in female, women who are addicted to workouts and heavy lifting will also experience them. The symptoms of piles can be seen in women who are bodybuilders and wrestlers.

  • Aging

You will experience the symptoms of piles when you start aging. The condition and its symptoms are common in women who are over 50. But young women can also get hemorrhoids.

  •  Constipation

This is another reason why females can experience the symptoms of piles. It’s pretty common in pregnant women. They are prone to feeling constipated, and on certain occasions, it can lead to long-term constipation. Not including fiber in the diet can cause constipation, which puts strain on the anal canal. This can make women feel the piles symptoms and develop the condition.

One Last Thought

Piles can occur in both men and women. But the condition is much more common in women. If you’re not certain whether or not you have the condition, the symptoms mentioned on Guest Post can be helpful. Go through all the symptoms and learn whether or not you’re experiencing them. If you do, make sure to consult with a healthcare expert without delay.

Getting treatment for piles quickly will help in preventing something serious from taking place. The healthcare expert might suggest you some home remedies. Make sure to follow them properly.

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