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4 Great Picks for Titleist Driver Shafts

Titleist is self-styled as “Golf’s Symbol of Excellence” and the game’s “leading performance equipment brand.”

It’s high praise but also not entirely underserved. For 70 years, Titleist has reliably produced golf balls that exceed expectations for quality, flight, and consistency.

The truth is, Titleist does more. They produce industry-leading golf bags, equipment, and of course, golf clubs.

Though their golf club heads define quality and performance, there’s no sense in pairing them with a shaft that will not do them justice.

Consider any of these following 4 great picks for Titleist driver shafts if you’re considering reoutfitting your clubs in the near future.

Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec
The Fujikura ATMOS is available in 3 different profiles – red, blue, and black, in ascending order of stiffness (although all three are available in different shaft flex ratings).

The entirety of the ATMOS Tour Spec line is engineered to deliver low flight, low spin launch profiles. Red is the highest launching (mid-high) with blue following (mid) and black offering the lowest launch and spin of all.

All of the ATMOS TS shafts are made with Maximum Carbon Fiber Content, Cage technology, and a HIT (High Inertia Tip) for energy transfer and stability.

Oban Devotion 6
The entire Oban Devotion line is crafted with a significant deal of variety in shaft weighting, for players of different swing speeds and tempos. If you’re looking for a Titleist driver shaft and have a relatively high swing speed, the Oban Devotion 6 may be for you.

Like all Oban Devotion shafts, the Devotion 6 is made from high-quality graphite; this one features a firmer bend profile that delivers low to mid launch and spin, for more control over shot distance and dispersion. (By the way, players with even higher swing speeds should not overlook the Oban Devotion 7 or 8, either.)

Mitsubishi Fubuki K Series
At the heart of all MCA Fubuki K Series shafts is their “Ninja Core” P.N.C. Technology that is placed in the butt section. This proprietary technology helps to both stabilize the shaft and minimize the harsh vibrations that sometimes travel through it.

This is a bonus for golf shafts outfitted with stiff tips – which is precisely what these shafts have. In fact, they have notably stiff shaft tip and midsections, with a somewhat softer butt section.

The result? MCA Fubuki K Series golf shafts are designed to deliver low spin, low launch profiles that help players maximize carry – for greater distances and more precise control over shot dispersion.

Fujikura Air Speeder (35/40)
In keeping with the name, the Fujikura Air Speeder line is comprised of ultra-lightweight golf shafts that use a combination of proprietary materials and technology to help enhance swing speeds.

These shafts, unlike most of the others featured here, actually generate mid-high launch profiles to enhance carry distance. The lightweight, thin design also helps players capitalize on – and maximize – their swing speeds.

Together, these two features helo players maximize ball speed for greater carry, extending shot distances. Air Speeder shafts are available in shaft flex ratings varying from R3 to S and are ideal for players with slightly slower swing speeds (as compared to the others featured here).

Looking for Suitable Titleist Driver Shafts?
Titleist club heads feature some of the best performance-driving engineerings in the industry. Don’t pair them with shafts that won’t do them justice.

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