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4 Things You’ll Need for Growing Orchids

Growing orchids is a highly rewarding pastime that can pay off with bright, beautiful blooms that liven up any room.

Unfortunately, persistent rumors that orchids are difficult to grow, temperamental, or hard to get to bloom keep some growers away.

Yes, there are challenges associated with growing orchid plants – but the truth is it’s not as difficult as some make it out to be.

All you need is the right information, along with a few essential orchids supplies like these, and you can grow orchids successfully throughout the year.

A Pot with Adequate Drainage
In the wild, most orchids are epiphytes, which means they grow parasitically on other plants – yes, literally on other plants.

This means their roots are not covered by soil or substrate, but largely exposed to the air. It’s also the case that orchids mostly hail from very warm, humid, tropical locations.

So, while orchids are intolerant of overwatering (this can call them) they also need a pot that drains well. Sitting in water will kill most orchids.

That’s why many people grow them in special orchid pots, such as special plastic pots or baskets that have plenty of holes for adequate drainage. This helps provide the orchids with airflow to their roots and prevents the medium from becoming waterlogged.

Orchid Bark
As mentioned, orchids need a delicate balance of water and air to their roots. While they’re intolerant of overwatering, most species will become very stressed or even die if the soil dries out completely.

Most orchid potting media contains (or is made entirely from) small chips of bark such as fir bark. These media drain very well, provide excellent airflow, and provide natural, structural support for an orchid’s roots.

A Little Bit of Orchid Moss
As you might imagine, bark chips don’t hold water all too well. That’s why most orchid enthusiasts mix in some orchid moss with their orchid potting medium.

The moss – often sphagnum moss – also provides the potting soil or mix with a little bit of structural support for the orchid’s root system.

It also helps retain moisture without keeping the orchid’s roots soaked, which the plants need.

Orchid Food
Most orchid media – even those which contain orchid bark and moss – are very, very nutrient-poor.

Now, orchids are not heavy feeders, but they, like all plants, need the right nutrients to flourish.

Orchids especially need the proper fertilization during the active growing phase between flower spike production – especially if you want them to bloom again.

This is why many orchid-specific fertilizers contain a lot of potash, which is important for the plant’s all-around wellbeing.

Keep some orchid food on hand, even if you only use a little bit of liquid fertilizer during the active growth phase – this is important to keeping vibrant, healthy plants.

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