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4 uncommon creative ideas for you to produce your rich content

Check out 4 uncommon creative, simple, and cheap ideas for yourself to produce rich materials and generate more leads for your business1- Lists with animated GIFs

You can assemble a list of about a topic and illustrate it with animated GIFs.

When to use:  To have a closer and more relaxed communication with the public, especially teenagers and millennials.


  • 15 signs you need to change your cell phone;
  • 10 tips to do well when getting your first job.

Step by step:

  • Assemble X interesting facts about a topic;
  • Choose the animated GIFs that represent each one;
  • Send it by email or put it in a googledocs.

Tools used:

  • Email;
  • Google drive;
  • gif;
  • How to make gifs:
    • http://gizmodo.com/5941436/how-to-make-a-gif-in-five-easy-steps
    • http://gifmaker.me
    • http://makeagif.com/
  • Different gif fonts:
    • http://giphy.com
    • http://gifbin.com/

2 – Calculator

It is an Excel file with ready-made formulas, which the user will be able to benefit from to have a clear and mathematical idea of ​​their solution.

When to use it:  Interesting to show expenses and/or make a market perspective. It is also useful for those who have a practical calculation or an easily measurable pay off.


  • Spreadsheet to control your personal expenses;
  • Light Savings Calculator: How much would you save by replacing your light bulbs with LEDs;

Step by step:

  • Assemble the information in a spreadsheet;
  • Organize the formulas in an Excel and/or Google Drive ;
  • Separate the parts that can be changed and the fixed areas;
  • Create a tab teaching how to use it.

Tools used:

  • Excel or Google Sheets.

3 – Useful tools and websites list worksheet

A collection of websites, apps and/or blogs that will be interesting to your persona.

When to use:  It’s easy to assemble content. They are well accepted when your persona is going through a strategic and/or private moment in life and needs help with copy writer.


  • Around the world on 80 sites: spreadsheet with everything you need for your trip;
  • 50 websites every bride needs to follow.

Step by step:

  • Make a compilation of websites, tools, blog, apps, events, festivals, personalities in the area, Facebook groups;
  • Separate the categories;
  • Search for more information;
  • Look for other lists to complement yours;
  • Prepare a description of the links;
  • Add a bonus;
  • Adjust the colors and columns of the worksheet;
  • Create a how-to tab.

Tools used:

  • Excel or Google Sheets
  • Google Drive

Tip: Try to think of fun names and encourage people to keep editing the spreadsheet itself so it becomes more and more complete.

4 – Analysis of a segment

A survey or the data your company has collected about the industry.

When to use it:  For companies that have a significant amount of information about a segment to offer.


  • Main difficulties in managing people: Latin America 2020 edition;
  • Overview of how the hotel industry dealt with the crisis in 2020;
  • SME Panorama: the impacts of Covid-19 and the steps for recovery .

Step by step:

  • Separate categories and information;
  • Look for the main patterns;
  • Separate by sector;
  • Organize results in slides with charts and/or infographics;
  • Save as a PDF and make it available as an industry-specific analysis.

Tools used:

  • Word or Google Docs;
  • You can also add infographics.

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