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5 reasons on Why You Should Choose IB Schools

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program is an inquiry-based program that molds pupils into lifelong learners. The framework uses an inquiry-based approach to encourage pupils to study independently. Parents are often perplexed as to why they should pick IB PYP over the regular curriculum for their primary school children. This is because the methodology and teaching concepts are not identical to those used in ordinary classrooms.

They built the IB PYP framework on the traditional book and blackboard-based learning principles, and the instructors are in charge of the entire process. The Primary Years Program is organized so that the student takes charge of his own learning. He can forge his route to knowledge through a sequence of questions that they create. IB school Dubai is one of the best options.

Why choose IB school

IBDP, as a curriculum, ensures that students receive a holistic education, with several topic areas addressed as part of the curriculum. Studying three higher-level disciplines allows for in-depth learning and a solid academic foundation in the student’s areas of interest. Three other standard subjects supplement this to provide the learner with a well-rounded knowledge base. The Dubai International Private School is one of the pioneers in this field.

The Techniques of Instruction

IBDP’s teaching techniques are unusual in that they require pupils to put what they’ve learned into practice rather than simply memorize it. It instills abilities such as critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation. This crucial ability will serve them well in school, college, and life.

The coursework, or IAs, includes producing research papers in various areas, with students choosing their own themes and completing the activity on their own. This fosters a love of learning and teaches them how to put what they’ve learned into practice.

This encourages individual study, instills responsibility in youngsters, and improves their research and writing abilities. It also instills patience and endurance in children. Any IB school in Dubai will follow these techniques to bring out the best in your child.

Features of IB School Teaching Methodology

Inquiry-led approach :

Students can actively participate in their learning by exploring concepts and sharing knowledge with their classmates according to the program’s “inquiry-led method.” The classroom is a vibrant environment that allows children to discover. They can choose what they want to learn about, similar to the Montessori method.

Visual Thinking:

The teacher conveys the primary idea in the class through visual thinking routines such as a graphic organizer, photograph, or poster before students begin the cycle of inquiry through self-learning.

Using the visual thinking exercise, the students break down the essential terms connected with the primary notion. They begin the process of learning more about the material offered to them, sorting it out, and digging deeper into it. This could entail going to the library, conducting research online, taking notes, and debating data.


Assessments are an essential part of the IB PYP component. Assessments for PYP pupils are conducted at the school’s discretion and are intended to provide constructive feedback on the kids’ learning process.

Teachers tested them with the help of various tools, including rubrics, anecdotal records, checklists, etc. These tools track and promote kids’ academic progress while they are in school. These technologies are intended to accommodate a wide range of intelligence and methods of knowing and transcend subject areas.

International Outlook

The children develop international thinking and become more aware of other cultures worldwide. They learn to engage responsibly and honestly with people from different cultures, origins, and languages.

The program also lays down the concept of learning a foreign language. All IB Primary Years Program students aged 7 and up have the choice of learning a second language. For example, this could take the form of a multilingual program.

Trans-Disciplinary Curriculum

In this program, children can also engage with themes and subjects in various ways, thanks to the IB PYP’s transdisciplinary curriculum. While kids will continue to study traditional subjects like math, physics, and social studies, they will also learn to communicate effectively. Students learn how to apply the skills and knowledge they gain from each subject to other subject areas. IB school Dubai specializes in these techniques.


IB for primary school is not necessarily more complex than a typical elementary school curriculum, emphasizing inquiry, autonomous learning, and global consciousness. They aim it at the development of primary school students aged 3 to 12 and focus mainly on inquiry. It helps children develop skills such as independence, responsibility, international-mindedness, and critical thinking. Dubai International Private School is among the top IB schools.

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