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5 Things to Know Before Buying Golf Shafts Online

We can’t really argue that one of the best ways to buy golf shafts is in person, after consulting with a qualified professional trainer that can observe your swing and then personally fit you to a club.

However, there are a lot of advantages to buying golf shafts online. It’s convenient, saves a substantial amount of time, and can save you money as well.

Buying online also puts you in front of a greater variety. All of the golf shafts in the industry, in the entire world, really, are at your fingertips.

Consequently, online golf shaft sales aren’t going anywhere soon.

But if you do decide to buy golf shafts online, here are 5 things you need to keep in mind before pulling the trigger.

1.Your measurements
Fortunately, your measurements don’t really change at all over time and this is one factor you can memorize and be prepared with.

Your measurements will impact what length of golf shaft you need. Playing with shafts that are either too long or too short will not only ruin your form but will cause shot errors, including but not limited to thin and fat shots, which occur as you try abnormally to “reach” the ball on the tee.

If you buy shafts online, where you can’t handle the shafts and take practice swings, make absolutely certain you know your measurements beforehand.

2.Your swing speed
Swing speed is also an important consideration when buying golf shafts, whether online or not. In fact, it’s one of the most important.

The higher your swing speed, the more likely you will be well suited to a golf shaft that is stiffer, has a higher kick point and has a lower torque rating. The less these shafts bend, the better.

The slower your swing speed, the more you will probably appreciate a more flexible, more forgiving shaft. However, there is no substitute for the value of experience or for working with a professional for golf shaft fitting services.

3.Golf shaft weight
Golf shaft weight isn’t a major consideration, but playing with a shaft that is too light may feel as though it is whippy or unresponsive. Conversely, playing with a shaft that’s too heavy may frustrate swing speeds or feel “dead” in the hands.

4.The type of grip
You might think that the grip of a golf shaft is one of the least important features, but considering that is the only interface between the player and clubhead, you’d be wrong.

Comfort and ergonomics make a massive impact on handling and performance. You need to be familiar with the styles of golf shaft grips you prefer to play with and why.

For instance, do you find cord grips uncomfortable? Do you prefer more generous grip swells that make it easier for you to control the club?

You don’t want to buy an expensive new shaft only to realize you hate the grip it comes with. While you can replace golf grips, that adds time, effort, and expense. It’s best to get what works for you the first time around.

5.The clubhead to which you will be attaching the shafts
The weight and size of the clubhead you will be pairing with a golf shaft are also important considerations, as the size and weight of the clubhead can also impact the overall length and handling of a golf shaft.

Another consideration is material. The type of club head you’re pairing the shaft with will also influence what sort of material you choose. For instance, most driver shafts are graphite shafts, but some players still prefer steel for their irons.

Work with a Professional Trainer for Golf Club Fitting Services Before You Buy Shafts Online
Thinking about guying golf shafts online? You can get great deals on the industry’s top lines from MCA, Aldila, Fujikura, Oban, Graphite Design, and countless others online at Dallas Golf Company, at DallasGolf.com.

Their website has an online golf shaft fitting tool, but if you’re in their area in Texas, we highly recommended visiting their retail shop and working with their professionals for golf club fitting services.

That way, whether you decide to buy shafts in their shop or not, you’ll be prepared with your own unique measurements and specifics so you can buy golf shafts online with confidence in all future purchases.

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