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A Complete Guide to Mailroom Management Software

Residential or commercial property?? One of your main responsibility is to make sure that tenants get their mail promptly. Even if they’re not present within the building at the time the package arrives. To handle all the deliveries and packages, many property managers have decided to keep all packages in one place that is the mailroom. But how do you best to manage an efficient mailroom? How can you make use of technology for mailroom management to the highest effectiveness?

What is a Mailroom?

A mailroom system is a tool or solution designed to simplify and automate the process of taking deliveries. Also managing a building’s post room. Mailroom management systems consist of hardware and software that aids building personnel receive deliveries. place packages in storage as well as notify tenants of delivery, and make sure tenants take their packages.

The management of mailrooms done by many different strategies throughout the years. The traditional mailroom system needed a member of the staff or a mailroom clerk take deliveries manually. The clerk would keep and arrange packages and notify residents of deliveries.

Today, we equipped with the technology to automate these processes. Also reduce the time spent by staff. In the end, you can eliminate the manual processes of managing mailrooms by using software and different digital options.

In addition to ensuring security for tenants and security, managing the package is one of the main tasks of every property manager. Mailrooms can found in every kind of property from offices to residential structures to campuses for colleges.

Software for managing the mailroom

The software for managing the mailroom is a solution to efficiently reduce the time it takes to deliver. This solution will ensure that staff members won’t be required to record each package manually or inform tenants about delivery dates. The most efficient software for managing your mailroom also allows tenants to mark packages that have been received, taking that burden off the staff to save even more time.

The majority of mailroom software comes with scanning capabilities or a mobile app that lets staff quickly scan every package and record them in the system. Since the software recognizes a tenants’ name, the software informs the tenant of their delivery via text or email, or via a platform such as Slack. The software can also permit tenants to mark packages that they have received and can do this with a tablet inside the mailroom, or via the mobile application using their phones.

Software aids mailroom staff cut back on their time-consuming tasks. But, they need to be able to scan every package. Software solutions do not regulate access to buildings to couriers, which can result in delayed deliveries and security concerns.

The benefits of a mailroom system

A mailroom management system reduces on manual labor for your employees or the mailroom clerks. It gives you a central and easy way for your business to receive packages, inform tenants and keep track of the time when packages were collected.

The advantages of a mailroom management system are:

  • Time saved on the entry of data and managing packages
  • The chances of misplacing or losing the contents of a box
  • This frees up staff members’ time and allowing them be more productive
  • Improved employee experience and less turnover
  • Improve the experience for tenants
  • Making money by boosting staff productivity

What is the reason you require a system to manage your mailroom?

There are a number of disadvantages that arise from relying solely on the staff member’s manual work to manage the mailroom. Many of the tasks of a mailroom clerk taking packages from couriers, logging that the packages were received and notifying tenants are time-consuming. Today, those tasks can be done in a snap and quickly by using technology.

Manual procedures carry the risk of human error which could cause a lost or misplaced package. Furthermore, that amount of time that staff members are required to spend on routine tasks is astounding. This is time that your employees could be using for more important things like pleasing tenants. Your staff can be distributed their tasks more efficiently if make the investment in a digital mailing room system that automatizes a lot of the process for receiving deliveries.

Systems for digital mailrooms speed up the process of delivery with features such as:

  • Automated notifications sent to tenants by text or email upon delivery of the package
  • Automatic reminders sent to tenants when packages not collected
  • Scan QR codes and barcodes with capabilities that help cut down in data entry


There are several choices to pick from in order to streamline your mailroom management. However, if you examine what needed to make software for managing your mailroom. Also a locker for packages work to your house, all of them is more labor intensive than the best option that is PackageX.

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