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How to Make Washrooms Accessible for Elderly

According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), one out of every three older individuals over 65 falls each year. Approximately 80% of these terrible situations occur in the restroom. Restrooms are an accident threat because of the slippery surfaces, messy floors, and lack of Custom Ada Bathroom Grab Bars. This is especially true for people who have poor balance and endurance and declining vision.

Fortunately, you could always make a few changes or a comprehensive restroom remodel to ensure elder bathroom safety. You can, for example, add Ada Compliant Tub Seats to provide additional support.

Ada Compliant Tub Seats for Independent Living

It is not always viable to replace your tub for access and availability or aging in place, but there’s still a remedy. Ada Compliant Tub Seats make your tub secure and more accessible to those with impairments.

A tub transfer bench or bath seat is ideal for elders or anyone with physical impairments since it provides security and autonomy while bathing. It’s simple and inexpensive to add Ada Compliant Tub Seats to a preexisting tub.

With Custom Ada Bathroom Grab Bars in place, you can ensure you’re safe

Place grab bars along the bathtub or shower wall to safeguard the interests of older adults. These are sufficient to support an adult’s total body weight.

Your restroom will suddenly become a secure refuge for the elders with the addition of carefully placed Custom Ada Bathroom Grab Bars. Because they are mounted to the side with steel rods or suction cups, they can sustain the entire weight of an adult. It is also a portable solution that may be utilized elsewhere in the house.

While there are Custom Ada Bathroom Grab Bars that latch up to the corner, they are best for somebody with high upper body strength and can grasp the bar. However, the ones that are bolted to the side should be picked because they provide more excellent protection. You might also use tension poles that run from floor to ceiling.

Purchase a walk-in tub

Adding a walk-in tub in the restroom dramatically decreases the chance of falling. These tubs along with Ada Compliant Tub Seats have gates that prohibit users from climbing into them like they would in a typical bathtub.

It’s crucial to have good lighting

Many people assume that the ideal lighting for a washroom is ceiling lights. The reality is that such illumination is highly hazardous to the aged. This is due to the fact that it produces shadows and hence does not light specific areas. You should not consider adding ceiling light fittings in your restroom if you live with an elderly. Adding numerous lights to the washroom so that all regions get uniform lighting is a preferable alternative.

There will be no accidents, falls, or needless collisions as a result of this. If required, use additional lights. A well-lit hallway connecting to the restroom is also needed. Ensure that the geyser, hot water tank, and lighting fixtures are all accessible and connected in line with Custom Ada Bathroom Grab Bars.

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