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An All-Inclusive Guide to Fix TP-Link Extender Red Light Issue

“The LED on my TP-Link range extender is blinking red. As far as I remember, the
TP-Link WiFi extender setup process was successful. So, why am I facing the TP Link red light issue then?”

To get a permanent solution to this issue, walk through this article. Here, we have summed up some troubleshooting hacks through which you can get rid of the TP Link extender red light issue in a matter of minutes.

Fixed: TP-Link Extender Red Light Issue

  1. Reboot Your TP-Link Extender

Before you get down to another troubleshooting hack, it is recommended that you perform TP-Link extender red light issue. To reboot your wireless device, take the help of the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • Disconnect your TP-Link extender from your home router.
  • Power off your extender and unplug it from its wall socket.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Plug your extender back into its wall socket and turn it on.
  • Reconnect your TP-Link extender to your home router.

Now, check whether you are still going nuts because of the red light issue. Are you? Well, in that case, continue reading this post.

  1. Verify the Ethernet Connection

There is a very high possibility that the Ethernet cable connecting your TP-Link wireless range extender and the existing router is worn out or damaged.

To troubleshoot the issue, you can do either of the following things:

  • The Ethernet cable that you are currently using should be replaced.
  • Connect your devices with the help of a wireless source.

Apart from ensuring a secure connection between your wireless devices, make sure that it is not loose.

  1. Bring Your Devices Closer

Too much distance between your TP-Link wireless range extender and your home router can also cause the red light issue. Therefore, unplug your extender from the wall outlet it is currently plugged into and plug it into the one located near the existing router.

  1. Avoid Signal Interference

Is your TP-Link range extender placed near transmitting appliances, electronic devices, metal objects, and reflexive surfaces?

If that is the case, consider changing the location of your extender. While doing so, see that it is not being kept near cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, mirrors, fish tanks, refrigerators, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, televisions, aluminum studs, corners, and concrete walls.

  1. Perform TP-Link Firmware Update

Updating the firmware of your TP-Link wireless range extender can also help rectify the red light issue. Follow the guidelines mentioned below in order to perform TP Link firmware update:

  • Switch on your computer or laptop.
  • Launch an internet browser of your preference.
  • In the address field, type the default web or IP address.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • The TP-Link extender login page will come into view.
  • Input the default password and username of your wireless range extender.
  • Click the Log In button.
  • Once you are on the Quick Setup wizard, head over to the Settings menu.
  • Select System Tools > Firmware Upgrade.

In a couple of seconds, the firmware of your TP-Link wireless range extender will get updated to the latest version.

Note: Access the TP-Link router login page and follow the same steps mentioned above if you also want to update the firmware of your wireless router.

  1. Check the Power Supply

Did you ever consider an improper power supply a possible reason behind the TP Link extender red light issue? No? Well, it’s high time you do.

To eliminate this from the list of reasons, consider plugging your wireless range extender into another power socket.

  1. Reset Your WiFi Extender

Did none of the aforementioned troubleshooting hacks help you resolve the red light issue? In that case, perform factory default reset. Here is how you can reset your TP Link wireless range extender:

  • Find the Reset hole on your TP-Link extender.
  • Get hold of an oil pin and carefully insert it in the Reset hole.
  • Wait for some time.

Once you are done with the reset process, perform TP-Link WiFi extender setup.

Wrap Up

Our guide to troubleshoot the TP-Link extender red light issue has come to an end here. Let us hope that the hacks mentioned in this post help you get rid of the issue you were experiencing with your device.

Did you like reading this post? Whether your answer is a yes or no, do share your feedback in the comment section.

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