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An Ultimate Guide To Keep Your White Bed Linen Neat And Clean

When buying bedding for your room, many people prefer to buy white coloured bed linens. White looks elegant and luxurious while giving your room a hotel-like appearance. However, the concern of most people is that white beddings get dirty more quickly, and they are hard to maintain. To help you keep your white bed linens neat and clean all the time, we have compiled a few tips. See this article to learn how can you enjoy the ultimate classic look of white sheets without worrying about cleaning them.

Why neat and clean bedding is good for you?

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After a long hectic day, nothing can beat the comfort we get from slipping into the fresh and clean sheets. According to studies, sleeping on crisp, neat and clean white bed linen is linked with our sleep quality. Clean and fresh bedsheets have a positive impact on our bodies and mind. You can say that neat and clean sheets are the main factor in getting a good night’s sleep. To get this feeling every night, you need to keep your bed linen neat, fresh and maintained. To know how you can do that, keep reading.

Invest in good quality

The quality of the bedding plays a huge role when it comes to maintenance. Since white sheets need to get washed more often, at least two washes in a week, they should be of the quality good enough to last longer. For the fresh and neat bed, invest in 100% cotton. White cotton sheets are breathable, hypoallergenic, soft and luxurious. No matter how often you wash them, they will stay fresh for longer.

Follow washing instructions

Every piece of bedding comes with special care instructions on the label. Make sure to read the label before attempting to wash. Some types of bedding require dry cleaning, so make sure you don’t ruin your expensive bedsheet using the wrong washing method.

Don’t use bleach

Over washing your beddings with bleach or harsh detergents can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the fabric. Bleach is harsh for laundry and weakens your bed linen fibres, which might lead to yellowing. So, there is no need to use bleach for cleaning your white sheets. You can make your sheets brighter and cleaner also with mild detergents. Besides light detergents, you can also use natural solutions already present in your home. Add ¼ cup of lemon juice with your detergent to your machine and start the cycle. The citric acid will remove the stains and give the sheets a lovely aroma.

Wash Regularly

Nothing can work as good as a wash. So, the only way to get 100% neat and clean sheets is the fresh sheets. Many people wash their beddings fortnightly or after three to seven weeks. Very few people wash their sheets weekly. If you want your bedsheets to smell and feel good, pay close attention to the wash.

Treat the stain A.S.A.P

White sheets are more likely to get stains, but immediate stain treatment is the best tip you can follow to keep your white linens free of stains. If you let it linger, it will get more challenging for you to remove it. If the sheet got a minor stain spot on it, treat the area with dish soap, beauty soap or detergent, and rub it on the area gently until the stain disappears. Baking soda and vinegar treatment is another effective remedy you can use. Sprinkle baking soda on the stained area and put a few drops of vinegar. Let it sit for a few minutes and launder as regular. Baking soda is best for killing bacteria and removing odours.

Keep yourself clean

To keep your bedding clean and neat, you also must take care of your hygiene. Slipping into white sheets with makeup or creams on can cause your pure white sheet to turn yellow. If you leave the stain untreated for days, it will become permanent. Therefore, wash your face, hands and feet before bed.

Dry them in sunlight

Drying your white bedsheets in the sunlight after washing them is the best way to keep your sheets neat, clean and smell fresh. Drying bed linens outside will give you a gentle air-dried feeling and ensure your sheets are bone dry. This tip is very beneficial if you have to store your white beddings after wash. It is much better to iron them before storing them away. And make sure to keep your sheets in the pillowcase.


White bedding is the way to add luxury, elegance, and neatness to your room. However, keeping them neat and clean can get daunting sometimes. Follow all the tips written in this article to help yourself ease your work.


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