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Are Capital One’s online services the best?

Are you about to open an online bank account and not sure if Capital One is the online bank?

We’ll tell you everything!

In this guide, find everything you need to know about Capital One online: how to open an online session, what services this online bank offers, how to contact them, and much more.

What is Capital One Online?

In Quebec, Capital One Online is the portion of online banking services offered by Capital One.

Capital One Online is a financial institution based in the United States, specializing in short-term credit. The partnership between Capital One and Costco online has made this company known in Canada. However, this partnership between Costco and Capital One online ends in 2021.

Our opinion on Capital One online

In Quebec, Capital One en ligne offers a set of digital banking services easily accessible to customers. Designed for both individuals and businesses, Capital One online banking services are intended for people who have a Capital One credit or debit card and want to enjoy greater convenience.

Capital One’s online offer is distinguished in particular by the fact that it provides access to several services:

  • Managing your credit cards on Capital One online
  • The provision of Capital One banking services online via a dedicated application
  • Access to an online support tool via a question/answer system
  • The existence of a range of online Capital One services dedicated to individuals

Thus, Capital one en ligne offers a complete range of online banking services, positioning it in the landscape of online banking in Quebec. Compare the different banking offers for the primary services: checking account, savings account, and credit cards, and choose the online bank that best meets your needs.

The extras of Capital One online banking

Capital One’s online banking services offer you various advantages compared to other banks. Thus, Capital One online allows:

Access to online, live Capital One credit card management

An alert system to prevent unexpected transactions

Access to ongoing customer service

Access to the Capital One Costco partnership online (ends in 2021)

Track your purchases via the Capital One online platform

These assets make Capital One en ligne a benchmark company in Quebec for online banking services.

Which Capital One online services for individuals?

Across Canada, Capital One Online offers solutions tailored to individuals established in Quebec. Additionally, Capital One Online for Individuals is online banking features that include:

  • A dedicated Capital One online account for individuals
  • The management of Capital One bank accounts for individuals online in a dematerialized way
  • An interface for carrying out online banking transactions
  • Capital One Personal Credit Card Management
  • Financial planning tools
  • Dematerialized management of Capital One contracts for individuals.

Shop the different offers of online banking services with our free, anonymous, and online comparators.

What are Capital One’s online services for businesses?

Capital One’s online banking services are also aimed at companies by offering a dematerialized interface that saves time on all banking functions related to the daily management of a company. These Capital One online services for businesses include:

Access to Capital One’s online credit cards

Access to the Capital One management interface

How do I access my Capital One online account?

To access your Capital One online account, go to the main company page, and click on the “log in” button at the bottom. Next, you must select the bank card you hold, depending on the partnership in effect (currently, Capital One and Costco online work together, as well as Hudson’s Bay and SaksFirst Privileges – however, the first two partnerships will end in 2021). You must then enter your username and password to access your Capital One online account.

What is the Capital One Costco online Mastercard?

The Capital One Costco Mastercard Online is a cashback card exclusively for Costco members. It allows cashback up to 3% in multiple stores and businesses, and no monthly fees are charged. The Capital One Costco online MasterCard also doubles as a Costco membership card. It gives access to purchases on credit at the rate of 19.75%.

The partnership between Capital One Online and Costco ends in 2021.

End of the partnership between Capital One and Costco online: What will be the consequence for my Mastercard?

Do you have a Capital One Costco Mastercard online, and are you wondering what will happen with the end of the partnership between these two companies? Do not panic. First, the agreement between Capital One and Costco online will remain in effect until September 2021. As for your Capital One Costco Mastercard, you will be able to continue to use it and receive your discounts as long as the card is in vigor. Next, Costco will partner with a new online bank.

Will Capital One’s online services continue after September 2021?

Capital One Online’s banking services must indeed continue after September 2021. Despite the end of the partnership between Capital One Online and Costco on the one hand, Hudson’s Bay on the other, the collaboration with SaksFirst Privileges remains topical.

How do I contact Capital One online?

If you have a problem with your Capital One online banking or your Capital One online account, you can contact Capital One online by one of the following means:

  • From your Capital One online account
  • From the Capital One online app

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