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Comprehensive guidelines for performing Belkin Extender Setup

You will not find it difficult to reset or install the Belkin range extender in case you know the way to use Belkin.Range and stick to the proper guidelines which we have mentioned below. It will be possible to boost the strength and signal of the existing Wireless Routers with the help of the extender. It is a fact that the extender mentioned here can work with virtually every Wireless Router and wireless Modem out there.

We make use of Belkin.range for setting up a range extender, and here, we will mention how we will be able to use it for taking care of the services and settings of the range extender.

Make sure to ignore the reset section and go to the guide’s installation section in case your extender happens to be a brand-new one. On the other hand, it will be imperative to reset the extender prior to installing it if it is an old one.

In this way, you will be able to restore the extender’s default factory settings and this will provide you with a new start. Troubleshooting the extender in the event of any problem will also become quite simple in this case.

After the extender has been reset, it can be set up according to the recommended settings.

How to reset the extender

  • Locate the button named “Reset” at the rear part of the device.
  • The button has to be pressed with the help of a paperclip or pin.
  • Following this, the button has to be held on for a few seconds till all the lights begin to flash on the device.
  • Reboot the extender after releasing the reset button.
  • Next, allow the extender to reboot fully after waiting for 60 seconds so that the factory setting can be restored.

At this point, the extender has been reset fully, and it is all set to be configured and installed.

Tip – The default password and the username can be found in the box containing the Belkin extender or you might also take a glance underneath the device.

In case you like to get some assistance or help with the extender, make sure to visit the free router and extender help for receiving free and easy instructions on troubleshooting.

Belkin Extender Setup

  • Restart the computer after plugging the extender into the power source.
  • A network named Belkin.setup will be available to you after rebooting both gadgets. Make certain to connect with the gadget in case it isn’t protected by a password.
  • At this point, you need to open the browser which will direct you automatically to the setup page of the range extender.

Tips – In case no setup page of the extender is available to you, then you need to type or Belkin.range for gaining access to the console.

  • Choose the name of your wireless network after following the guidelines, and hit Next after entering the password.
  • The extender can be placed anywhere within your residence after it has been configured, and it will be possible for you to enjoy an extended network throughout your home.

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