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Tackling an Office Redesign

Tackling an Office Redesign


The growth of your business, the increase(Furniture shops in Sunderland) in staff, or refreshing the space. Whatever the reason behind designing your office space.

The idea of starting the process can seem overwhelming. What can I do to make it through to the end? Who has time for this?” These five steps can help you make the process easier.

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Design a Layout

Consider your office requirements. What are your priorities? Are you focused on sales, engineering, or design? What is the overall working design of your office?

The office must be designed to match your work style. If you employ several employees, you may have a mix of different styles.

The office layout should be tailored to employees by providing various workspace to improve productivity. Do you require cubicles in rows?

Do you think a large table would be sufficient for collaboration? If your employees require hours of focused and individual time. You’ll require more space for work that is private or semi-private.

If the majority of workday hours are used for collaboration.Then include in the layout open areas or areas for meetings.

The chances are that changing the office layout will enhance the productivity of your employees and your overall business.

Encourage more innovative

To encourage more innovative thinking and collaboration by creating spaces for it. What are the best places for an impromptu gathering or to talk about a brilliant idea other than that water cooler? Include a few chairs and a table in a corner.

The spaces available in an office modern are essential for the comfort of employees and efficiency.

Also, think about a less bulky option for closed cubicles. Such as open benches with glass partitions that let the collaboration of employees give privacy and contribute to an open-plan design.


Write down your thoughts. Make a simple sketch or a short description of the modifications you wish to implement. Benefit from Our Free Space Planning service!


Consider Budget

After analyzing office space and layout requirements. Think about your budget. Office furniture is among the most beneficial investments you could make for an office remodel.

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This is where the majority of your budget will likely be allocated. If you’re on a tight budget, it is possible to design a space at a reasonable cost.

One suggestion is to go for an open-plan arrangement. A smaller number of rooms allows the natural light to flow across the office.

This layout can be used to create sharing workstations. And when you’re ready to expand your staff. It is easy to adapt to the growing number of employees.

Minimalist style

Maximize your spending by selecting an elegant, minimalist style. The minimalist style has been a popular trend across many fields of design in recent times.

In what ways can minimalism improve your office’s design or your finances? Clean, clean spaces have been proven to boost well being and productivity. If less is more. Then you need not consider investing in expensive office artwork.

Instead, encourage employee health and productivity while minimally decorating the space. Introduce nature into your workplace by planting plants.

Painting the walls with paint on the walls. Even making your canvas art or lettering on vinyl that expresses the vision, mission, or objectives.


Design and function can be accomplished with any budget.


Involve Staff

Talk to your employees about their requirements and desires for the office. There is no longer a definition of productivity by working at a desk sitting on your own. With your head down. 

In addition, engaging your employees in redesigning your office is a fantastic method to boost morale at work.

One way to engage your employees is simply asking them to share their ideas for the office. You could consider a meeting or talk to people in casual conversations.


Make sure you include all departments. The personnel or companies who provide IT support are usually the ones to be the last to learn about modifications like a new office design.

It is possible to simplify the process by involving the appropriate departments in the planning process.

They may even suggest ways for maximizing technology. Such as providing power to newly-configured areas. Hiding ugly cables and devices. Installing modern office technology.


Involve everyone by holding an event to paint or decorate. This will allow employees to have an opportunity to put their personalized touches and personalize the office.

This can also serve as an opportunity to build a team as everyone participates and works together to get the office ready for work.

Seek Professional Help

It is tempting to tackle an office remodel by yourself. However, getting help from an expert can save you time and cost. Which could be the reason to do it yourself initially.

Jason E. Williams of E Cover Me testifies that our concept for his office helped him save time and money and gave him he loves a final product.

Imagine coming to work daily with the mindset. “I love this place!”? A professional, experienced office designer can provide such outcomes.


Perhaps you consider. “I can save so many dollars by buying second-hand furniture. I don’t have to purchase new furniture from a retailer.”

It’s true! New desks and cubicles can be expensive. We have numerous pre-owned alternatives.

We’ll help you find the exact furniture you require and want. Either used or new, to complete your office remodel.


Donate Old Furniture

We also provide the liquidation and decommissioning of office furniture. The EPA states that 9.8 million tonnes of furniture end in landfills yearly.

What will you do with the furniture you decide to get rid of?

It’s enormous physical work. Mainly if your office is not on the ground. Second, cabinets or desks can give new life to an office.


Contact us if you don’t want to dispose of your old furniture in the trash. We sell, repurpose or donate furniture.

We aim to ensure that good furniture stays in the hands of those who could benefit from it. Call us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you. 314-266-9083!


We Can Help

Follow these steps to create a unique office design by purchasing the appropriate furniture for your company.

Better Office Furniture can help to make your office redesign successful. The 20+ years we have spent in business will never disappoint you!


Visit our showroom to view some fantastic office design alternatives for you. Contact us now to discover the reasons Better Office Furniture truly is superior.

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