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Build Lower Back Strength from The Ground Floor

Most people currently suffer from lower back pain due to the unhealthy lifestyle that they are living. What is even more important to understand though, is that pressure in the lower back can actually increase even through activities that are normally considered healthy activities. Walking, running, going to the gym, or doing sports could lead to an imbalance in your lower back if you are placing more weight on one side of your lower back.

These imbalances are more easily noticeable in people who are experiencing intense pain on the right side of their lower back and not on their left side and vice versa. Common symptoms of this include having a limited range of motion, feeling stiff in that area after sitting or laying down for long periods of time and even having a hard time standing up.

The easiest solution to all of these problems is to actually focus on strengthening your core and lower back. By strengthening those areas, you can ensure that there will not be any imbalances causing your body stress in the long run. If you want to grow stronger and face your lower back pain in anefficient and effective way all you will need to do is add the following exercises to your daily life.

Kas Glute bridge

Often referredto as the “ultimate butt building and strengthening exercise” the Kas Glute Bridge can help you strengthen your lower back and glutes and hips without putting too much strain on your back. In order to perform this exercise, you need to elevate your lower back against a box or bench. As your shoulder blades are resting there, place your feet in front of you. Make sure your legs are wider than your hips apart to reduce strain. From there lift your buttock. You can opt for using weights or not with this exercise.

Hip Hike exercise

This is an extremely easy move that requires you to lean against a wall and then lift your hip slowly while your leg is straight. This exercise can be performed everywhere and it is great for strengthening and releasing tension from your QLmuscle. This will also help if you are experiencing deep buttock pain.

QL walk exercise pain

Finally, the QL walk is a relatively weird exercise if you have never seen it. Essentially what you need to do is sit down with your feet in front of you in the L shape. From there you start using your hips to walk yourself back and forth. The reality of this exercise is that it will be uncomfortable for many people, which is why you might be better off choosing the Hip Hike or a different standing exercise in its place.


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