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Car Transponder Not Working? Here’s What You Need to Do

Transponder keys come with an RFID chip inside that helps prevent auto theft because of their additional security features. But if the RFID chip itself stops working, then transponder keys are just as good as regular car keys. Which is the opposite of what you’d want!

The good thing is, this problem isn’t forever, and you can do something about it. In this post, we’re gonna go over how you can fix your car transponder if it ever stops working.

How to Fix a Car Transponder

Below are some of the best ways to get a broken car transponder to be functional again!

Replace the battery

Even though they usually last very long, transponder keys actually depend on very tiny batteries in order to communicate with the vehicles’ inbuilt computer system. There’s a pretty big chance the batteries in your transponder keys will eventually run out, especially if you’ve had your car for a couple of years.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to get the batteries switched out. All you have to do is stop by your nearest auto repair shops, and they’ll probably have all kinds of batteries for your transponder key! The whole process is quick and easy.

If you keep backup batteries on you, you can easily replace them yourself by using a screwdriver. Just wedge a screwdriver in the little gap and pop it open, replace the battery and close it up again, you’ll have a functional transponder key in no time!

Check if there are other devices around

While it’s always great to have a spare car key around, it can sometimes cause more problems instead. When two transponder keys are in the same car, sometimes the RF signals can interfere with each other.

When this happens, the car’s engine won’t be able to turn on since the signals get completely distorted and interrupt the ignition process. So, if your transponder keys aren’t working, check if you have any other keys around. If you do then try getting the key out of the vicinity and your car should turn on.

Call the auto locksmith

If your car transponder won’t work no matter what you do, then it’s time to call auto locksmith Birmingham, or head to your local auto locksmith.

While you might think you need to go to the auto dealership, this isn’t actually the case.

Something not many people know is that a locksmith can actually reprogram a transponder key or make an entirely new one altogether!

By getting your key fixed by the locksmith instead of the dealership, you’ll also save a lot of money since dealerships usually charge extra. It only takes like 30 minutes to reprogram a transponder key, so you don’t have to worry about waiting forever for your key to come back to normal!

Get in touch with your auto dealer

If you’ve tried everything we talked about above, and your transponder still isn’t working, or if your car insurance covers only repairs made by your dealership, then you might need to get in touch with your auto dealer.

If the main problem is that the transponder device is unfunctional, then you need to go to the dealership with your car somehow. That would end up with an added cost of getting the car towed too. But once you get there, the dealership will get the antenna ring replaced in order to get the proper RF signal communication.


If your car transponder ever stops working, then try figuring out what the problem might be first. Once you identify the problem, you can move on to actually fixing your key using the tips we’ve listed above. If all fails, you can always contact your locksmith for help and get back into your car in no time!

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