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Carbide Makes Thread Mill Pipe Threading A Breeze

CNC machining is not limited to creating aesthetically pleasing objects. It is an essential part of the manufacturing process that includes the creation of interlocking parts and components of more complex machines. These, of course, require extreme precision. Poorly finished pieces won´t provide the structural stability they need to perform their intended function, and this is especially true when dealing with pipe threads.

Cutting thread, both internal and external, used to be done by means of tap and die methods. This is not to say that these techniques have disappeared. They are still widely used and have their benefits depending on the scope of the project.

However, many workshops have discovered the benefits of the added accuracy and efficiency of thread mill pipe threading. Here are some of the benefits of thread milling:

You can use a single tool to create different diameters and pitches on a workpiece
Use of a single tool to create male and female threads
No risk of getting your tool jammed inside the piece in case of tool failure

Thread mills are becoming ubiquitous in manufacturing as computer numerically controlled tools allow operators to create extremely precise tool paths and perform a huge range of cuts.

A favorite in workshops that need to churn out constant amounts of threaded pipes is the full-form thread mill. Solid carbide thread mills are made with a row of cutting teeth that are spaced to cut specific thread pitches, such as NPTF and NPT threads. They are not as flexible, but many industries benefit from the fact that they can cut a complete threaded surface with a single 360-degree pass, effectively reducing the thread mill pipe threading process to a fraction of the time and operative costs. It is a blessing for operations that require enhanced accuracy but need to increase performance.

An additional advantage brought by solid carbide full-form thread mills is that they spread tensile forces more evenly, giving the tool added durability.

Many companies adopting thread milling prefer the versatility of single pitch tools. They focus all of their cutting power on a small cutting point at the end of the tool. This means that they need to perform several passes, tracing along the entire length of the threaded surface, making it a much slower process. The advantage is that you can use a single tool to perform different pitches on the same part. These are also used to perform cuts on more delicate components or to thread overhanging parts.

As you can see, these solid carbide tools have revolutionized thread mill pipe threading by adding versatility and efficiency to this vital manufacturing process. However, you still need to make sure you are working with the right cutting tools to enjoy all the benefits of working with thread mills. Online Carbide manufactures the best cutting tools for high-performance machining. They focus on supplying high-quality tools made with precision in mind. Reach out to a member of the Online Carbide Team today at [email protected]

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