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What We Know About The Time Children Can Be Vaccinated For Covid-19

Pfizer claims that its COVID-19 vaccine can be used safely and effectively for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The main question on many parents' heads at the moment is when can my child be able to get one? A large number of children have been found positive...

What is a CO-VID-19 Health Advisor?

Recently, The COVID-19 Health Adviser was testing positive for Coronavirus Type One, which is the most common strain of the virus. As such, this could potentially be the most deadly disease the city of Tokyo is ever likely to suffer from. With the virus spreading through...

Coronavirus Updates: Do You Really Need Them?

Coronavirus Updates Coronavirus Updates are released every few weeks, and Coronavirus is by far the most popular virus around today. Coronavirus is caused by a unique coronavirus named SARS-1. It is usually contracted through contact with an infected person or a contaminated object. People who have...