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Credit card with rental car insurance

Nowadays it is absolutely common for a credit card to be required when booking a rental car . Almost no rental car company lends cars to customers without a credit card, because the deposit amount is blocked for the rental period. It is practical if the credit card also offers insurance protection, such as fully comprehensive insurance , which protects against high costs and a deductible in the event of damage . It is very practical that many credit cards now offer insurance for rental cars.

For business trips , the company Bank of America Credit Card guarantees the rental car. Qonto offers a free Premium Mastercard for companies and the self -employed that covers up to €150,000 in the event of property damage to the rental car.

Rental car insurance – which one is there?

Regardless of whether a car is rented for just a few hours or for a longer period of time, rental car insurance should always be taken out, which protects against possible damage during the rental period. 

Legal expenses insurance

Rental car legal protection insurance offers coverage of court costs and attorney fees that may arise in the event of court proceedings relating to a traffic accident involving a rental car – whether in Germany or abroad. The fees for expert opinions are also covered by legal protection insurance for rental cars. In the area of ​​traffic law in particular, the costs of a procedure can often quickly rise, so that legal protection insurance is always worthwhile here.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is always mandatory when renting a vehicle. It covers damage caused by the renter or driver to other vehicles, objects or people . The minimum amount of coverage is required by law for liability insurance and in Germany is 7.5 million euros for personal injury, 1.12 million euros for property damage and 50,000 eurosfor pure financial losses. This minimum coverage limit can also be set higher abroad – in this case there is no uniform regulation. Many credit card providers offer rental car liability insurance as part of the insurance package. So you don’t have to sign it up again every time you rent a car.

Partial and fully comprehensive insurance for rental cars

Of course, the renter of a motor vehicle can also cause damage to the rental object itself . In this case, the partial and fully comprehensive insurance applies, which also covers damage caused by vandalism as well as theft, accidents involving wildlife, hail and storm damage . As with liability insurance, partial and fully comprehensive insurance is highly recommended when renting a car. Partial and fully comprehensive insurance is not included in every rental. 

While the partially comprehensive insurance does not protect against vandalism, personal negligence and the loss of an opposing liability, the fully comprehensive insurance includes the following points:

  • storm and hail
  • lightning strike
  • scorching damage
  • wildlife accident
  • marten bite
  • flooding
  • vandalism
  • own fault
  • Loss of an opposing liability

Credit cards with insurance – several services in one offer

Credit cards (such as the Visa Gold Card, American Express or Barclaycard Credit Cards) are a common means of payment worldwide , both online and in shops , and are therefore perfect for business and private expenses when travelling. Of course, they are also used to withdraw cash . The cards with additional services such as rental car insurance are particularly practical for travelers, which are included in the package from the bank or the provider. In most cases, the conditions for such a combination credit card are particularly favorable and comprehensive. Since the credit card is often already available as a prerequisite for booking a rental car, it is particularly practical if the credit card holder already has insurance cover through the same provider and does not have to take out this separately.

Comparison of credit card providers

Before you sign the application for a credit card with insurance , it is worth comparing the offers. Depending on the provider, the annual fees and the deductible that the cardholder has to pay in the event of an accident differ for the additional protection. Visa and American Express, for example, offer a Gold Card as another option, which offers the best protection when renting cars. You should also note how often the cardholder books rental cars, because frequent bookers in particular should pay attention to particularly good protection. There are also differences in insurance coverage when booking abroad compared to booking in your home country.

Qonto Business Cards – Comprehensive protection for your company 

Companies also use credit cards to allow employees to make business expenses. These cards, also known as corporate cards or business cards, are usually used for business meals in restaurants or on business trips – and of course also when booking rental cars. Thanks to the credit card provided by the company, the employee does not have to advance such costs out of their own pocket, but can conveniently book them via the company’s current account . If the corresponding insurance benefits are included in the credit card, you are on the safe side. 

As a digital banking service for all types of companies, Qonto offers a reliable, modern business card , a certain number of which is included in every business account free of charge . Every Qonto Card (can be ordered, configured and, if necessary, blocked via the app ) comes with extensive guarantees and insurance cover : whether it’s flight or train delays, loss of luggage or treatment costs abroad – your credit card (World Debit Mastercard) protects you from the unexpected events in everyday business. Of course, your card also covers the use of a rental car for professional purposes – the Qonto Card covers up to €150,000 in the event of property damage to the rental car.

Rental car with prepaid card?

With a prepaid card , you can pay online and in stores within the limits of the credit loaded on the card. There is no connection to the checking account. Most car rental companies only accept “real” credit cards with payment terms . Corresponding insurances are also not included in the prepaid card . Not sure what type of payment card you have? A look at the back of the credit card tells you more.

Rental car insurance – the advantages at a glance 

Anyone who frequently uses a rental car can definitely benefit from the insurance policies offered by credit card providers. Due to the permanent insurance, the amounts are much cheaper because it is a fixed contribution per year than if you have to take out new rental car insurance every time. Depending on the provider, credit cards with rental car insurance offer comprehensive protection – be it legal and, of course, liability costs such as personal injury and damage to the car. Of course, more money has to be paid to the credit card company for this permanent protection than with normal cards. However, the benefit of the credit card outweighs those who rely on a rental car more than once a year.

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