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Daily News Opinions VS Reporting

When I first decided to get into online political news and opinion polls, I really didn’t expect much. I am an avid reader of National Public Radio and World News Daily and have always had an interest in world events and politics. My political science teacher, with whom I’ve been close for nearly 20 years, encouraged me to try the polls, and boy was I surprised! It was an inexpensive way to get started in getting familiar with online Political News Opinions, acids, and Fake News Polls. I’ve learned a lot about George Soros’ work and Bill Gates’ philanthropy through these political surveys.


While appreciating the diversity of opinions expressed in the Metrowest Daily News Opinions segment, I was especially somewhat disappointed to read the editorial positions expressed by the North Dakota State Fair Board in their critique of the proposed Bakman Act. The fair board seemingly is quite confused as to how it is that the Bakman Act will eliminate all forms of discrimination based on sex, religion, age, or disability. Also, the fair board seems to forget that it was the State Legislature, not the Governor, who requested that the Fair Use Study (FOS) is eliminated, not the NDSBS. Apparently, the North Dakota State Fair Board believes they know best how to eliminate FOS.


The news sources I frequently visit and use for breaking news and political commentary are Fox News, CNN, Associated Press, Investors Business Daily, and The New York Times. Each of these news sources has its particular slant and opinion. I personally don’t take much notice of any of it, but some may be of interest to you. For instance, the Wall Street Journal often writes as much politics as a business in their commentaries and articles. However, they do at least attempt to inform their readers, as they occasionally provide the correct facts and opinion, though they tend to play fast and loose with facts and information.


Additionally, I do not visit Fox News daily but rather Business Insider. I do enjoy their business-coverage, but only after they have run my line of business quotes and have told me what they are reporting. They don’t hide any facts, unlike the Wall Street Journal, and I tend to trust Business Insider more for breaking news and opinion than the other news sources mentioned above. In fact, Business Insider recently launched a mobile application for the iPhone, which allows users to get breaking news stories from around the world from anywhere they are. So, they can catch up with developments from India, Brazil, and Germany while on the run in the United States.


Some newspapers also publish their own opinions and breaking news stories. My personal favorite is the New York Daily News. I have been reading the New York Daily News for over 25 years, and I still enjoy their reporting and in-depth articles. They are no pushovers when it comes to breaking news, as they will let the facts speak for themselves rather than attempt to please or influence their readers with a particular opinion. The New York Daily News has a reputation for strong opinions and a strong voice, and I think they deliver. In addition, they also publish quite a few alternative news sources, including Christian Science Monitor, Financial Times, and World News Daily, just to name a few.


When it comes to television news, Fox News seems to be the number one television news source in terms of audience. And, it’s not even close as CNN is a close second. No matter what kind of cable TV you have, whether you have the USA, Canadian or European programming, you most likely have watched some form of coverage on Fox News, either live or recorded, and likely paid for the privilege. Their news sources tend to lean right to the edge of the political spectrum, and they are not afraid to express their opinions. However, they are very careful not to say too much about religion or other matters that could turn some people off.


Some may feel that there are too many opinions in many newspapers and magazines these days. Well, some people are simply expressing their own personal opinions, and that is completely understandable. In addition, some people are also engaging in Internet article marketing in order to promote their business or website. While it is very easy to engage in this type of marketing, I believe the overall quality of journalism still reflects well upon the news sources. Unfortunately, many journalists have lost their way and have started to write opinions solely.


There are many great daily news sources, and it is important to remember that the opinions expressed may still represent the newspaper or magazine at large. Reporting is not always about facts, so opinions will sometimes mix in with the actual facts. But, I am glad to see that the media is starting to get better at covering both sides of the story accurately and fairly. Sometimes we need a good balance of news and opinion. Please consider all this in 2021. Perhaps you might like to contribute something to this forum.

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