Different Kinds of Pain Cured by Integrated Pain Consultants-Dr. Nikesh Seth

Dr. Nikesh Seth
Dr. Nikesh Seth - Pain management expert at Integrated pain consultants


Have you heard of Integrated Pain Consultants, and what do they do? The recent reviews on the Nikesh Seth – Leading Integrated Pain Consultant like Nikesh Seth showcase that he adopts a method of curing the patient based on their beliefs, interests, and choice. So one of the essential focuses is to make the patient feel empowered, to become responsible and an active participant in their pain management. He builds a collaborative relationship between the patients and does not adopt the usual treatment route with medicines! An individualized plan comprising a combination of therapies which is devised for each patient. The best part is that it does not follow the ordinary medicine course only to treat the patient. So as per Dr. Nikesh Seth, the treatment identifies the root cause of chronic pain and helps you to get back to your everyday life by curing your pain.

How do integrated pain consultants like Dr. Nikesh Seth treat your chronic pain?

Integrated pain management is a medical field of study that involves a detailed analysis of the patient’s medical history based on which an individualistic plan is then devised. The treatment does not depend on medicines but involve different treatment approaches like laser technology, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, and patient education.

What happens when you undergo the treatment with the best integrated Pain Consultant- Dr. Nikesh Seth?

Well, the recent reviews of Dr. Nikesh Seth by his patients reveal that the treatment helps the patient to reduce and to manage their chronic pain. They call it a boon that they discovered in their lives!

What types of pain can you cure by visiting Integrated Pain Consultants.

Type # 1: Radicular Pain

You experience this kind of pain when your spinal nerves get compressed. You feel the pain in your spine and hips that can even go down to your legs. When you experience radicular pain, you may also feel muscle weakness, with a tingling sensation in your affected body parts.

Type # 2: Acute Pain

You experience acute pain if you end up damaging your soft tissues due to an injury or illness. However, this pain will go away when you recover from that injury or disease. But if you don’t take care of it with an Integrated Pain consultant, it can become chronic pain too!

Type # 3: Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain lasts for a long time and can be constant or intermittent, whereas Pain is experienced in patches. Chronic Pain can disturb your daily routine like a constant headache or spurts. This kind of pain is usually a result of some illness, rheumatoid, arthritis, or spinal conditions. The reviews of Dr. Nikesh Seth reveal him to the best for curing your chronic pain through integrated pain management.

Type # 4: Neuropathic Pain

You experience this kind of pain when you have caused an injury to your nervous system. You feel that pins and needles are pricking you! It comes under the category of chronic pain that comes and goes. It badly interferes with your daily life and keeps you away from your daily tasks owing to the pain. You may find yourself in a situation where you cannot identify between hot and cold! A visit to an integrated pain consultant is a must to cure this pain in time.

Type # 5: Nociceptive Pain

This kind of pain is caused by damage to body tissues. It is also called hard throbbing pain caused by an external injury. It is most commonly experienced in muscles, joints, tendons, skin, and bones.


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