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Doubly insured? Of course, you’ve heard of it and that it’s not good. If you have double insurance for something, you pay too much. Sometimes, however, it is unavoidable if you want to be covered for all risks. It is then unavoidable that certain coverages overlap. Double coverage is difficult to avoid when you take out telephone insurance. Separate telephone insurance is therefore not a suitable solution for everyone to avoid risks. Whether or not telephone insurance is necessary depends largely on what risks you want to run and which Att insurance policies you already have. These insurance policies can offer double coverage for telephone insurance:

  • Home insurance
  • Home contents insurance with out-of-home cover
  • Valuables Insurance
  • Valuables out-of-home insurance
  • travel insurance

What coverage do you need?

If you have one or more of the above insurance policies, the smartphone is already covered for certain risks. The question is then whether you find this coverage enough or whether you want better and additional coverage. With one of the above insurances and a telephone insurance policy, certain risks are covered twice, but the coverage is better because the telephone insurance probably covers more risks.

Which insurance covers telephone damage?

If you are doubly insured for various risks, it depends on what exactly happens to determine which insurer pays for the costs. That is not yet easy to determine. In the first instance, the location is important to exclude insurance. Normal household contents insurance is excluded, as is normal valuables insurance for the damage caused outside the home. In this way, there is ultimately one insurance policy that has to reimburse the costs if the damage falls under the conditions. In the case of double coverage, the insurers may have to decide among themselves who will pay for the damage.


 Nobody can do without a smartphone. A broken smartphone is a big problem for many: WhatsApp is no longer possible, photos cannot be shared, and playing a game is suddenly no longer possible. Smartphones are used today for many daily activities. The problem is that frequent use also increases the risk of damage. The smartphone with a large display and thin design is vulnerable. If the smartphone has been damaged, the first question is where this happened.

The location

It makes quite a difference where the smartphone broke. If it happened indoors, then it is covered by home contents insurance, if it mainly provides cover for it. If it happens outside the home, it falls under the out-of-home cover of the household contents insurance or under the valuables out-of-home insurance. If it happens while on holiday abroad, it is possible that it is covered by travel insurance. In addition, it is still possible that it is covered by telephone insurance. For this insurance, it doesn’t matter where it happened, but how it happened. As you can read, it is realistic that you are double insured for certain incidents where the smartphone breaks down.

Home insurance

Home contents insurance provides cover for damage caused indoors. A broken smartphone is usually only reimbursed by the all-risk version of the home contents insurance and not by the cheapest version. If the smartphone is covered by the home contents insurance, this only applies to damage caused to the home. Damage caused outside the home is not covered unless the outside cover has been taken out. This out-of-home coverage is not available with many insurers.

Phone insurance

Telephone insurance often has worldwide coverage, so it does not matter where the damage occurred. Outside or inside the house makes no difference. In the case of telephone insurance, it is all about the cause of the damage.

Valuables out-of-home insurance

As the name implies, this insurance reimburses all damage to the smartphone that is caused outside the home. The cause often does not matter, and accidents are also reimbursed. There is a maximum amount that is paid out with this insurance.

Own risk

There is a deductible that is often higher in the case of a smartphone than for other product groups. Because damage to a smartphone often occurs, insurers have covered this by increasing the deductible.

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