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Endodontics: what is the price of saving your teeth?

Although some people consider the price of a root canal to be high, the truth is that the price is a particularly relative value.

Perhaps if the amount to be paid is compared to the possibility of losing the tooth and leaving a gap in the smile that is very unattractive, the cost will not be so high.

It should also be borne in mind that a root canal tooth can last as long as a natural tooth, that is, a lifetime.

And, what’s more, the cost can even be cheap when compared to having the tooth extracted and then having an implant placed.

Endodontics, a common treatment?

Also called root canal treatment, endodontics is one of the most common procedures that we perform in our dental clinic.

In the vast majority of cases, it is performed when the patient has developed a cavity that has not been treated in time.

Caries is, in turn, the most common oral health problem in Spain.

And not only that: it is also, in general terms, the second most frequent illness , only surpassed by the cold.


Not acting immediately on a cavity has very negative consequences for the tooth , as it acquires depth and destroys more and more tooth surface.

This degenerative process will make it necessary to treat it with an endodontic procedure, rather than with a filling (filling) .

Given the frequency with which root canal treatments are performed, it is logical that patients wonder how much does a root canal cost in Spain.

Next, we are going to explain what it is necessary to look for when choosing the specialist who will carry out the intervention and if there is any alternative to it.

What does the price of an endodontics depend on?

Before delving into the factors that influence the cost of a root canal, we are going to anticipate that the price is not, in itself, an absolute term.

In other words, a root canal is not expensive or cheap without more , but its cost is subject to certain elements that we are going to analyze below.

As a general rule, it could be said that the prices of this treatment vary depending on the complexity of the tooth to be treated, the technology used during the procedure and the experience or specialization of the dentist who carries it out.

Type of tooth and number of canals it has

There are different types of teeth (incisor, canine -fang-, premolar or molar), and each class has a certain number of roots (up to three) and pulp canals (maximum five).

The more canals a tooth has, the more expensive endodontics will be.

Why does the price increase in these cases? It is a somewhat more complex procedure and also requires more time.


Once this clarification has been made, it is time to make the following classification based on the type of endodontics :

  • Unirradicular
  • It is carried out in teeth that have a single root and a single pulp canal (incisors and canines).
  • Single-root endodontics is the most economical. .
  • Birradicular
  • This type of endodontics is performed on teeth that have two roots and two pulp canals (premolars).
  • Multirradicular
  • It is carried out in teeth with more than two roots and more than two pulp canals (molars).
  • Multiradicular endodontics is the most expensive of all.

But this is not the only aspect to take into account.

It is necessary to take into account the damage that the teeth that need to be endodontically treated have suffered .

If the dentist finds an excessively damaged tooth, in addition to endodontic treatment and reconstruction, a fiberglass post will also need to be inserted.

This element provides stability for the subsequent placement of the dental crown .

Technique and technology used during the procedure

How could it be otherwise, the fact of applying new techniques and technologies in Dentistry, has multiple benefits for the patient.

Examples of these advantages are:

  • It reduces the time that the procedure lasts: it offers greater comfort to the patient since he does not have to spend so much time in the dentist’s chair with his mouth open.
  • Increases the precision and efficacy of the treatment: this makes the duration and stability of the treatment greater in the long term.
  • There is less trauma to the area: with this, postoperative discomfort is reduced.

At Ferrus&Bratos we have the latest advances in technology that allow us to achieve the best results for our patients.


Of all the technologies that we are going to mention at this point, the surgical microscope is, without a doubt, the advance that makes the difference in endodontic treatments.

The microscope has been a great advance because it allows the dentist who performs the intervention to increase human vision by 250 times .

Meet our microscope

With this magnification, the specialist is able to work much more  precisely and efficiently.

In this way, the  probability of error decreases  considerably and the intervention is less annoying for the person.

However, if the dentist does not have a microscope, he only has his own touch and the X-rays taken of the patient as reference.

rotary procedure

The professionals at our clinic use a rotary procedure , rather than a manual one.

It consists of using a motor together with a rotating file system to remove infected tissue and clean the root canal.

One of the advantages offered by this mechanized endodontics is that it substantially shortens the working time and the dentist can perform it more cleanly.

With this, the treatment is also more durable and stable over time.

Gutapercha caliente

Gutta-percha is the filling material with which we fill the root canal after having cleaned it.

Our professionals use a state-of-the-art oven that heats the material in a matter of seconds.

The gutta-percha thus acquires a plastic consistency that is introduced into the endodontic canal and adapts very easily.

All these technologies not only allow the dentist to perform the intervention more precisely and quickly, but also improve and favor the patient’s postoperative period.

The microscope is one of the greatest advances in the field of endodontics since it allows human vision to be magnified 250 times, which makes treatment more precise and safer

Experience and specialization of the dentist

The experience and skill of the expert dentist play an essential role for the intervention to be successful.

At Ferrus&Bratos we have three doctors with degrees in Dentistry who exclusively practice the specialty of Conservative Dentistry .

They are doctors Pedro Pablo Martínez and Miguel Cortés, doctors Noelia Santos and Patricia Martín.


Thanks to the Official Masters they have taken, they are specialists in the field of endodontic treatments , interventions that they carry out many times a day. 

Choose a good specialist

Our recommendation is that you do not look only at the price. Opt for an endodontic specialist, since he performs this type of treatment every day and has extensive experience.

Dr. Pedro Pablo Martínez specialized through the Master’s Degree in Endodontics from the Alfonso X el Sabio University of Madrid and the Master’s Degree in Integrated Dentistry from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid.

Dr. Miguel Cruz concluded his studies as an endodontist at the European University of Madrid, through the Master’s Degree in Advanced Endodontics.

On the other hand, Dr. Noelia Santos completed a Master’s Degree in Endodontics and a Master’s Degree in Integrated Dentistry, both from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid.

Finally, Dr. Patricia Martín specialized at the Complutense University of Madrid.

None of our doctors are general dentists, so the fact that they are experts in root canal treatment makes them highly qualified for their work.

This specialization makes them have a lot of experience, since they perform endodontics on a daily basis and have very deep knowledge about this type of procedure.

How much does a root canal cost?

It is because of these differentiating elements mentioned above that the cost of endodontics in our dental clinic is as follows:

  • Uniradicular endodontics: 235 euros
  • Biradicular endodontics: 295 euros
  • Multiradicular endodontics: 360 euros

That said, it is important to note that prevention is always the most cost-effective option for the patient.

Therefore, we recommend regular visits to the dentist to prevent oral problems or, if they have already appeared, to solve them in the initial stages.

In other words, in the case that concerns us, it will be cheaper to fill a small cavity than to have to perform a root canal once the tooth is too damaged.

Keep in mind that the prices detailed in this article are indicative and until our doctors have examined you, we will not be able to give you a closed budget.

Therefore, these prices may be subject to change until said valuation has taken place. 

How long does a root canal last?

The teeth treated with endodontics can last a lifetime if no complications have occurred during the treatment and the reconstruction has been carried out correctly.

In addition, the same care, hygiene and dental examinations should be applied to endodontic teeth as to the rest of our mouth.


However, at this point it should be remembered that, like other untreated teeth, teeth that have undergone endodontics can suffer from caries .

The difference is that the existence of caries in endodontic pieces presents a greater problem than in natural teeth, since once the treatment has been carried out, the tooth will be totally insensitized .

Therefore, the patient will not feel the appearance of new cavities .

This situation makes regular revisions even more necessary .

Are there any alternatives to root canals?

Endodontics is a technique that is part of the so-called conservative treatments , since it allows preserving the functionality and aesthetics of the tooth, as well as the bone or gum that surrounds it.

If a patient has conditions in their dental nerve or its periphery, the priority will always be to try to keep the tooth.

It is important to note that there is no alternative similar to endodontics , since if the treatment is not performed on a tooth that requires it, it will end up falling out.

In the event of a loss, the piece may be replaced by a dental implant .

This is the most recommended option when there is no possibility of recovering the lost tooth and it is the solution to the inconveniences derived from the lack of a tooth.

However, there is no better alternative than taking care of your mouth every day and trying to keep your original teeth for life.

In addition, as we have already mentioned, the prices of a root canal will always be cheaper than those of a dental implant.

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