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Everything You Want To Know About Personalized Number Plates

Cars are luxuries that motor lovers never get tired of investing in them. Some people love to add custom styles to the exhaust systems, and engines while others opt for making personalized number plates for their cars. The best thing about personalized number plates is that they are available in every category. One can get access to 4d laser plates too for their vehicle and add personalized elements to it.

Why Personalized Number Plates are Popular?

There are different reasons for people to add a personal element to their number plates. Sometimes they want to add a personal touch to their lives in form of making their birth date, or their anniversary the registration number of their car. When the car s gifted or presented to someone on such special dates, they want to make it more memorable by adding these dates to the display number of the car. 

For others, it is just about flaunting their financial status. But there are other useful purposes for cars’ registration numbers to be made more personal. 

These are;

  • Private number plates are given special attention when they are being made. They do not tarnish easily and never lose their value. 
  • Private number plates are also used as an efficient marketing strategy. You can promote your business by advertising through the number plate of your vehicles. 
  • They hide your car’s age, unlike the DVLA-issued registration plates. 
  • Private number plates keep thieves away from your car. This is because personalized number plates always grab attention, whereas the thieves want to remain as secretive as possible. With a number plate that stands out among other cars, they cannot achieve the hideousness of their job. Thus, it makes owners safe from being the target of such robbers. 

What are the Legal Requirements? 

Certain legal principles need to be fulfilled to be able to get your hands on personalized 3D number plates. These governing principles are preliminary to the issuance of a private number plate. If you violate these principles, you can be fined heavily. 

The rules revolve more around the correct display of the number. 

  • The first principle is that like other number plates, the customized registration plate should also be made of a reflective surface. This makes it easier for traffic police to watch out for the car. 
  • The rule for the front plate and rear plate also remains unchanged. The front plate should have a white background with black characters on them. The rear plate should have black characters against the yellow background. 
  • The personal additions to the number plate should not attempt to make the car look younger than it is. 
  • The standard font and spacing should not be meddled with. 
  • Lastly, no patterned background should be used. 

The Different Types of Personalized Number Plates 

Primarily, there are four types of personalized number plates that the cars in the UK can be seen cruising through the roads.

Dateless Plates

The dateless number plates were once predominantly used in the early UK times. From 1903 to the 1960s, these registration numbers were the official registration plates issued. These number plates did not have the year identifiers. Therefore, they were named dateless number plates.

Today you can pay more to get one such number plate for your car to feel the retro ’60s vibes. Because of varying local demand, there are many different types of dateless plates, with a lot of overlap in the issue periods for different formats.

Current Plates

This design, which includes seven characters, has been in use since 2001. It consists of two letters indicating the region in which it was registered, two numbers indicating the vehicle’s age, and three random letters.


The Prefix plates bring us back to the times before 2001. From 1983, these plates were used. These used to have a year identifier at the beginning of the registration number. 


The suffix plates used to have a year identifier at the end of the registration number. They were a fashion from the 1960s to 1983. 

The Cost of Private Number Plates

Usually, it depends upon the length of the car’s registration number. The fewer characters you use, the more expensive car’s number plate will be. The place where you will buy your car’s personalized number plate is also a factor in determining the cost of the number plate. You can buy from the official DVLA site. They have so many number plates. You can choose the one you desire the most at a reasonable rate. 

You can also visit the broker’s site. They are people who buy and sell personalized number plates. You can reach the auction stage, where more than one client desires the same number plate. The number of people participating in the bidding will determine the cost of the number plate.


The DVLA will automatically deactivate your car’s original age-related plate when you register a new private plate. It can’t be used on that car again unless you apply for it and get it approved through the DVLA.

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