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Floor Sanding Copenhagen And Surroundings

If you are looking for floor sanding in Copenhagen, you have the opportunity to get a free and non-binding offer from us. We always provide a written offer for floor sanding within 24 hours and cover the whole of Copenhagen, North Zealand and the former Roskilde County.

Need help? We are ready to help on +45 27 40 50 60

Further down this page you can read more about the different types of floor treatments we offer. We know that it can be difficult to get a complete overview of which treatment will best suit your particular floor.

You are welcome to call us for advice and guidance before filling in your contact information below. Of course, you can also fill in your contact information without specifying the type of floor treatment you want. Then we will contact you to ask you about your wishes and needs.

Can your wooden floor withstand floor sanding?

Before we start looking at what types of finishes are available, it is important to first clarify what type of flooring you have.

Laminate: Although the surface of a laminate floor resembles wood, laminate flooring consists of a plastic surface. This makes it impossible to sand this type of floor.

Slatted parquet: A slatted floor is built up of several layers, of which the top layer often consists of a layer of solid wood. Under this layer there will typically be chipboard, while the bottom is made up of a cheap type of wood. However, slatted floors can also be based on plywood as well as a top layer of solid wood. If you have a slatted floor, it is therefore the thickness of the wear layer that determines how many times the floor can be sanded. As a rule of thumb, most slatted floors can be sanded twice – however, it is not uncommon for cheap types of slatted floors to be sanded only once. However, the lamella package with a high wear layer can often be sanded 5-6 times.

Solid plank floor: A solid plank floor is a type of wooden floor that can withstand floor sanding several times. If you have a plank floor, you can therefore generally assume that your floor is suitable for sanding.

Varnishing or oil treatment

When you have Gulvafslibning done, you have to choose between a varnish or an oil treatment very squarely. Both treatments have their advantages and disadvantages. What gives the nicest result depends both on your taste and to a large extent what type of floor you have, including the type of wood in question. Remember that we are always ready with advice and guidance should you need this. With us, there are no stupid questions. We are happy to answer all your questions so you can achieve the result you are dreaming of.

Big difference in durability

One of the things that you should consider before choosing your type of treatment is what durability you want and to what extent you feel like spending time maintaining the floor. Of course, price also plays a role here, as there is a difference in what the different types of oils and varnishes cost.

If you plan to stay in your condominium or owner-occupied home for a number of years, it can often pay to choose a treatment with extra high durability. If, on the other hand, you have to move out of a rented home, there can often be a lot of money to be saved by simply choosing a normal floor sanding and water-based varnish.

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