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Franklin Livingston – An advocate for Climate Conservation 

In the era of conscientious actors and filmmakers, a significant amount of focus has been turned in the public eye toward climate change and the many factors that cause such an alarming shift in our environment. New York based American actor and director, Franklin Livingston, has turned awareness into action. In relation to the film industry, over-consumption of goods, more particularly the massive amount of food wasted on film sets, strikes a hard chord with Franklin. It has also inspired him to actively encourage better use of funds and energy toward conserving resources and avoiding waste. His suggestion for such change: film sets requiring everyone to bring or buy their own food, rather than use craft services, which in most circumstances results in a disgusting amount of waste and leaves food items subject to air-borne pollutants as they sit out all day. He has pointed out that every other industry expects their staff and team members to arrange their own lunch and dinner, why are workers on film sets and studios continually spoiled? Actors and crew members all are workers and once asked to take care of their own lunch or dinner, the waste of food and pollution generated by the film sets and studios will decrease massively.

Franklin doesn’t just stop at theoretical change. He has been very proactive in implementing these measures on his own film sets, ensuring that not only are food materials not going to waste, but that as little pollution as possible is expended in the way of transportation. While he advocates for these reforms, he is not ignorant of the needs of his cast and crew. He ensures that every creature comfort his cast and crew requires is available to them on set, while still maintaining a punctilious attention toward the environment. On Franklin’s sets, the food is ordered for each worker according to their desire and nothing is ordered extra to provide options. This helps all food items be consumed by the cast and crew without items being wasted.  Together with his entire cast and crew, Franklin strives toward a shared goal of creating both good content and an awareness of environmental change.

Of course, this movement toward change has not always been easy. In the past, Franklin has had to deal with uncompromising crew members whose uneconomical demands on set left little room for collaboration. He mentioned that he has been told that crafts services and tons of food options are important to have an impression on cast and crew members to which

Nevertheless, he stands by his ideals and his dream of creating a greener and cleaner world while also creating entertainment’s next big thing. It’s this kind of attention to detail and the effects of climate change that are catapulting Hollywood and those alike into the positive public eye, creating a world-wide awareness and a call for change. Franklin Livingston is certainly striving to stand at the forefront of this movement, which is both admirable and commendable in this turbulent age.


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