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French Doors: Benefits, Alternatives, and Why Homeowners Prefer It

With so many styles and designs available these days, French doors are still popular as they provide a modern yet traditional look. You can use French doors for multiple purposes and offer numerous benefits, including air circulation, maximum sunlight, etc. 

So, if you are planning on getting new doors installed, you should get acquainted with this design to make an informed decision. 

What are French Doors?

French doors are usually hinged dual doors that open outwards or inwards, depending on the hinge structure. When the doors are open, you can have access to the total width of the opening into which the frames are installed that offers uninterrupted views. 

Since French doors generally open entirely, homeowners prefer these doors as entrance doors and for exterior spaces, including balconies, patios, gardens, etc. French doors made of aluminium and steel can be installed as front doors. 

Benefits of French Doors:

Here are some benefits of installing French doors in your home: 

Maximisation of Natural Light in the Room:

French doors can flood your room with natural light. It is only possible through aluminium frames that facilitate minimal sightlines and a sleek frame. Such a sleek frame ensures that the doors have a maximum glass area and are still sturdy.  

Enhanced Security

With a crescent lock and an aluminium frame, good quality French doors can help keep your property safe and secure from intruders and thus prevent break-ins. If you want to enhance the security aspect of the door, you can increase the thickness of the glass. 

Surface Protection: 

When you buy French doors from a leading door manufacturer like TOTSEM INDIA, you get unmatched surface protection from heat, light, and water due to the TEXGUARD coating deposited over the anodised surface. This coating ensures that your French doors will not accumulate any dust. 

Moreover, you can choose from various colours, including natural black, autumn brown, ivory white, etc. More importantly, TEXGUARD coating also ensures that the French doors and windows do not lose their colour and lustre for 40 years. 

Highly Durable

Aluminium is a sturdy and durable material. It is also resistant to corrosion, warping, and even immune to the usual wear and tear. This not only makes your French doors last for decades but also makes them easy to maintain.  

Other Options To Consider

Although French doors are pretty versatile and will complement almost all modern homes, you can also go for other designs that will suit your home architecture in a much better way. Some of the most preferred door designs other than French and double are:

Sliding Doors: Sliding doors have a higher glass to frame ratio that allows a lot of natural light to enter your room. And the uninterrupted views further make it a great choice. 

Folding Doors: Also known as bi-folds, these doors consist of multiple glass panes that fold back against each other in a concertina style. These doors offer an unmatched aesthetic appeal and also give you the most uninterrupted views when opened up entirely. Bi-fold doors can essentially open up the entire wall of your room, giving a sense of fusion of your room and the nature outside.

Also, since both of these doors allow ample sunlight to enter your room, you should consider TOSTEM INDIA’s doors that utilise their patented TEXGUARD system offers surface coating and also protects the colour from fading.

Why Homeowners Prefer French Doors:

French doors are composed of aluminium that offers a sleek frame with maximum glass area. Thus, French doors allow natural light to permeate the area. Other than this, French doors are easy-to-maintain, as aluminium is sturdy and lightweight. 

Since French doors have a tested design, it enables these doors to have an excellent aesthetic appeal. Moreover, French doors are highly versatile, where you can install these doors in the entrance, kitchen, bathroom, closet, etc. 

A unique design of French doors has also come from various 21st-century innovations. For instance, TOSTEM INDIA provides wooden printed steel doors that can be highly secure. These can be used as a front door and offer aesthetic values of wooden doors and the security of steel. 


French doors are great options to consider while planning on getting new doors installed in your home. We hope that this information will help you differentiate between French doors and other designs. 

Connect with TOSTEM INDIA to get in touch with window advisors and make an informed decision.  

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