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Gold Ornament Designs: Check out Different Types of Indian Jewellery

India is rich in culture and every culture has its traditional gold jewellery that is cherished from generation to generation. But the trend is changed now and there are many latest gold jewellery designs available in the market. The jewelry market has grown so vast that you will get confused by looking at so many jewelry designs.

Check out the list of different types of Indian jewelry and gold ornament designs that are trending.

  1. Nowadays people are more attracted towards antique jewelry designs that are a combination of old charms and the latest trend.
  2. Another trending one is bead jewellery which was the fashion of around 100,000 years back where snail shells were used to create beautiful bead necklace sets. The trend has gained again its popularity in the Indian jewellery.
  3. Next is the bridal jewellery that varies from tradition to tradition. Every culture has its traditional gold jewellery that is essential for the bride to wear on her special occasion.
  4. The most loved among all is gold jewellery. This yellow metal has gained popularity all over the world and it is so precious that people see buying gold jewelry as an investment. The ornaments made of gold are considered auspicious and are compulsory to be worn on special occasions like marriages, festivals, or any holy occasion.
  5. Handmade jewelry has its significance in Indian society. They are beautifully carved by the craftsman and are durable enough to be used on daily basis.
  6. Another latest gold jewellery design that gained popularity is the “Jadau Jewellery”. It was introduced by Mughals in India where the gemstones like pearls, diamonds, etc., are embedded into gold. They are commonly used in polki, kundan, and meenakari jewellery.
  7. The Rajasthan is famous for its Kundan and Lac jewellery. The bangles made of Lac are very famous across India. They are available in various designs and should be delicately used. Kundan jewellery is traditional gold jewellery made purely out of gold with beautiful stones encrusted on it along with some extraordinary meenakari work.
  8. Another beautiful piece of jewellery that looks very elegant on ladies is “Navratna Jewellery”. It is made of nine gemstones carved in a single ornament like a ring, necklace, or earrings. It is a belief that the nine gemstones are for the well-being of the individual who wears them.
  9. Silver jewellery is also considered the most auspicious one and worn on many special occasions. The silver anklets and toe rings are the most loved ornaments of women. Boys love to wear silver bracelets and rings to flaunt them everywhere.
  10. Platinum jewellery has gained popularity nowadays and it is trending among people. The jewellery made of platinum is rare, pure, and versatile. The ornaments like rings, earrings, necklace sets made of platinum are very famous among the latest generation.
  11. Another beautiful and trending is gemstone jewellery that is popular for its astrological benefits. People who believe in astrology also understand the benefits of wearing gemstones according to their zodiac signs.

For example, it is a must to have black beads in a mangalsutra. You are fine with the black beads but you prefer to have the black bead chain in rose gold. In this case, you can ask for a rose-gold piece rather than being stuck with a gold color that you don’t like. By asking the right questions, take the time to understand the cultural requirements. You’ll surprise yourself that you can still get awesome looking mangalsutras without compromising the cultural significance.

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