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Good Tips for Car Washing In The Winter

It may seem unnecessary, but maintaining your car during the winter months is more important than you might think.

Although your car probably will not look spotless, frequent car washing is necessary to prevent road salt, tar and particles from settling on paint and chassis. Also make sure that both the lights and your license plate are clean.

Here you get the tips that will make you successful with the Bilvask and avoid damage to your car.

Can I wash the car in minus degrees?

At temperatures down to zero degrees, you can wash the car as normal.

How often is a car wash needed in the winter?

How often you need to wash your car depends on how much you drive and whether you drive on roads with a lot of salt. As a general rule, wash your car once or twice a month. The most important thing is that you get to rinse the car, so that you can remove road salt and other dirt.

How do I get rid of road salt?

In winter, road salt is a source of frustration for many car owners. In the worst case, it can lead to major rust damage to your car. Fortunately, it is a relatively easy problem to overcome, as long as you know what to do. The trick is to use a suitable special agent that removes the salt quickly and effectively.

SALT-X is an environmentally friendly highly concentrated agent designed to remove salt and salt film from all surfaces. The water-based product immediately dissolves the salt, and encapsulates salt and salt crystals so that it detaches from the surface.

In addition, it leaves a protective, invisible membrane that prevents and preserves. SALT-X is used by the Armed Forces, is USDA-authorized and approved by NATO, and has for many years been used by, among others, US NAVY and US MARINE.

How to use SALT-X

Mix 15 ml of SALT-X concentrates per liter of water.

Apply the mixture on the surface and let it air dry. NB! SALT-X should be applied after car wash, before drying.

The product can be applied with a spray bottle, bucket and sponge, garden hose or high pressure washer. The simplest way is to use a SALT-X spray mixer which mixes concentrated SALT-X with water in the right mixing ratio, and which you can spray directly on the car and brakes.

Salt-x concentrate salt removal and salt x-concentrate salt remover with spray mixer can be purchased in all departments.

TIPS! Rinse the car with SALT-X to remove road salt between normal washes. The product does not cause stains or stains.

Save money: You get the best price on SALT-X at Xn–steamgrnt-r8a.dk with the price promise!

How can I prevent the brakes from rusting?

Rusty brakes can potentially cost thousands to replace. If you have a lot of rust, you can also risk that the car will not be EU-approved. Regular maintenance is therefore important.

Rinse / wash the brakes with SALT-X regularly, then remove salt and prevent rust on brake calipers, pads and discs.

How to remove salt film from car windows?

Salt, dirt, snow and sleet are common challenges when we drive in the winter. Especially salt can bind to the route and give poor visibility, which leads to less traffic safety.

To prevent the salt from settling like a white film over the window, it is a good idea to add a little SALT-X to the washer fluid tank. 15 ml of concentrated SALT-X is enough for a 4-liter washer fluid tank. Then you can remove the salt immediately and the panes remain crystal clear. Also, make sure that you wash your wipers regularly.

TIPS! If you use SALT-X with a dosing chamber, it is easy to add the right amount.

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