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Good window cleaning effect

A triangular shape can clear a small window area; suspended in a bottled sponge, does not require frequent additions of water. 2m rope safety fall prevention prevents accidental cutting. The white cotton is free to remove, and the natural latex squeegee is useful for excess moisture on the windows after cleaning.

Strong magnetic field

Chanary’s two-piece magnetic washer has two sides, and when you move the glass brush into the fan, it pulls together by the built-in magnet, and the outer side stays together and I fall with you don’t move. However, since the magnetic field is strong, it is easy to twitch your fragile fingers, so please be aware of safety.

Suitable for 10-18 mm windows

The glass scraper is suitable for cleaning only 10-18 mm thick glass. If the glass is double. Make sure that the total thickness of the mirror (two layers of mirror + blank) does not exceed 18 mm. Otherwise, the mirror may fall out of the window. If you do not know the thickness of the mirror at home, calculate the thickness of the mirror first before deciding to buy it to avoid mistakes to buy it.

About product quality

We will start selling as soon as we confirm that all the parts are in order. Before ordering, make sure you have a good understanding of our products (magnetic strength, efficiency, correct clean glass thickness, processing methods, steps, etc.). If you have any questions or problems while using the product, please contact us so we can help you solve the problem. Smart Window Spudser robot and APP: cleaning and drying. Itch Win 4.0: Intuitive kontor rengøring optimal path estimation, window stability search, full floor cleaning.

Maximum absorption and power:

A fine suction pump that secures the robot to the glass. It also includes remote control for manual robot control.

Cleans all types of surfaces including glass, tile, and smooth floors and inside and outside windows. Four automatic washers for window washing from any point.

There are three levels of security. Falls are prevented thanks to three continuous power supply safety systems, anti-fall mechanisms and heavy-duty safety harnesses.

Automatic stop system: Indicates and stops automatically after cleaning. Environmentally friendly: Reusable high quality microfiber fabric. Quick release bullet for small angles. characteristics

Internally, it combines the two sides of purity, so moving one side may or may not mean the opposite. Look at the finger or pull your finger.

Internally, it combines the two sides of purity, so moving one side may or may not mean the opposite. Look at the finger or pull your finger.

Its easy conversion is suitable for 3-8mm crystals.

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