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Health Insurance for Foreigners

Currently, our country is one of the countries that receive the most immigrants in the European Union. The bureaucratic procedures to gain access depend on the insured’s origin of residence and the reason for the trip (studies, work, residence, etc.). But is it necessary to take out health insurance to file as a foreigner?

One of the requirements that many immigrants will encounter will be health regularization. This will vary depending on the parameters that we have indicated above and request in foreigners.

What coverage should Health Insurance for foreigners include?

Typically, they apply for Adderall without health insurance that includes the same guarantees offered by Social Security. This implies that health insurance for foreigners must have coverage for specialists, diagnostic means, and hospitalization.

In addition, the insurance must not have copays or deficiencies for the different services included in the policy. Few health insurers offer adapted products with the guarantees required by foreigners. At Adeslas, we have insurance that meets all the necessary requirements to guarantee the service.

Adela’s immigration insurance

The Adeslas Complete health insurance not only allows you to carry out all the necessary procedures to apply for permits, but it is also health insurance designed to take care of all aspects of health. Discover the characteristics of Adeslas health insurance for foreigners:

  • General medicine and pediatrics.
  • Specialties.
  • Diagnostic means, including high-tech ones.
  • Hospitalization.
  • Delivery and everything related to it.
  • Special treatments: speech therapy and speech therapy, laser therapy, dialysis, green laser…
  • Outpatient and hospital emergencies.

Price of medical insurance for foreigners:

Adela’s is one of the insurers that offers the best prices in medical insurance for foreigners in Spain:

  • 0 to 44 years old: €49/month
  • 44 to 54 years old: €59/month
  • 55 to 59 years old: €89/month
  • 60 to 64 years old: €170/month
  • +65 years: consult

In addition, with the update of health insurance prices for foreigners in 2022, Adeslas has introduced additional coverage to further improve the health of its customers.

  1. capsule endoscopy
  2. Vascular endoprosthesis (stent)
  3. Breast cancer genomic platforms
  4. Telemedicine video call.

What insurance option does Adeslas offer for immigrants?

At Adeslas Salud, we have a policy adapted for this group:

  1. The policy lacks co-payments and deficiencies from the first day of the contract.
  2. The insured may freely go to the specialists and medical centers of the Adeslas medical directory.
  3. The insurance includes repatriation among the guarantees of the policy. Through this coverage, the insured will have another of the requirements that, in most cases, they will request as foreigners.

With us, you will have the best coverage and the best price and be able to present your Health Insurance for Foreigners with all the guarantees.

To take out Adeslas insurance for foreigners, the insured person will have to pay for the insurance in a single annual payment and will have service from the day of the contract. The insurance will have coverage until expiration and will be automatically renewed unless the insured requests cancellation of the policy at least one month prior to expiration.

Then the client must fill out an insurance application and a health question to manage said contracture. The questionnaire has a series of questions about the patient’s medical history and her current state of health. Depending on the assessment of said questionnaire, the insurer reserves the right to accept or not the issuance of the policy.

Can I hire immigrant insurance if I am over 60 years old?

At Adeslas, the group for foreigners has a hiring age limit of 64 years. It is difficult to find a policy that suits people over 65 years of age in insurance companies. However, and depending on what foreigners request, at Adeslas, we have insurance called Adeslas Seniors. This policy does have co-payments and deficiencies, and therefore it will be essential for the applicant to ask the foreigner about the requirements to carry out the visa process.

I belong to the European Union. Should I take out health insurance in Spain?

Currently, through the SCHENGEN agreement, people residing in some of the member states (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Switzerland) will be exempt from legalizing the entire stay in our country.

There is the exception of stays that exceed 90 days and do not have an employment contract. It will be essential to take out private health insurance in this case.

Advantages of Health Insurance for Foreigners

An additional advantage that you will obtain when taking out your Adeslas Health Insurance for foreigners is to have coverage in your health insurance that includes repatriation. In this case, this coverage is very interesting for people who plan to extend their stay in Spain for a long period of time. Also, foreign residents who live in Spain need health insurance with repatriation coverage.

These are delicate issues, but it is important to leave things well resolved so that they do not cause unforeseen economic expense to relatives and loved ones in the event of death. Whether you belong to the European Union or to another country in the world, you can ensure your repatriation to your country of origin in the event of death in Spain.

When presenting your Health Insurance for Foreigners, we are talking about a service that offers you a lot of peace of mind and does NOT increase the price of the insurance.

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