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High Salary Jobs in Canada for Skilled Workers with No University Degree

Canada is an immigrant-friendly destination offering a good quality of life and social benefits through its Canada visa to work. Canada’s high living standards often make potential immigrants wonder whether a university degree is a prerequisite for a work visa. This is not true. Many occupations under the skill shortage list do not require a college degree. These occupations offer workers lucrative employment opportunities, with some paying high annual salaries upwards of CAD 50K.

A Successful Career Despite No Degree

Employers in Canada are aware of the advantages of hiring skilled workers who are experts at what they do. If you’ve acquired one of these skills, the chances are that you got trained on it in a targeted fashion and can enter the workforce faster than those with a degree. Shorter diplomas and industry-specific courses target specific skills and improve the employability of the job seeker with a Canada visa to work. On the other hand, degree students often have to wait long periods hunting for jobs before finally landing one for which they’re likely overqualified. Many times, degree students land jobs different from their field of study. Not to mention, higher education at universities comes at a high cost, landing many students and their parents in financial debt. 

The Express Entry system for Canada visa to work has an intake program specifically for skilled workers. This is due to the acute shortage of these skills, specific to the machinery, automotive, construction, and specialty trades. For this reason, they’re highly paid skills. Most of these jobs do not require a degree. They may require you to study a specific training course that is usually a short one. These courses typically cost significantly less than a full-time degree. Another advantage of getting a job in these trades is once you have gathered enough experience and lived in Canada for a while, you can begin your venture. Of course, there will be legal and regulatory obligations to succeed in that path, but you can become self-employed without a college degree. 

Do not fret whatever your reasons may be for not pursuing or getting a university degree, do not fret. You can still apply for a skilled worker visa to obtain Canadian permanent residency (PR). Let us explore some of the high-paying jobs available in Canada that require no formal university degree.

Jobs in Canada to Get Without a Degree

Under the Express Entry system of Canada’s Federal Skilled Workers program, immigration applicants need to pass with at least 67 points to be eligible. With the skilled worker visa for Canada, you can apply for Canada PR upon eligibility. The skilled worker visa covers both highly skilled occupations requiring a university degree and jobs that don’t need a degree. Skill levels B, C, and D don’t need a university degree.

One essential eligibility condition is to continuously have full-time or equivalent part-time paid work experience within the last ten years. This work experience can be in one of 347 occupations eligible for consideration. Many of these jobs will not require a university degree in your home country. Technical short courses or skill-specific training courses usually suffice for these jobs, some of which we’re excerpting below.

  • Authors and writers
  • Musicians and singers, dancers, actors, and comedians
  • Painters and visual artists
  • Photographers
  • Sales executives, event managers, restaurant managers
  • Cooks, bakers, chefs
  • Hairstylists
  • Real-estate agents
  • Pilot, Truckers, cabbies
  • Crane operators and heavy equipment operators
  • Firefighters
  • Tailors and dressmakers
  • Sheet metal workers, boilermakers, ironworkers
  • Plumbers, gas fitters
  • Welders, mechanics, machine operators
  • Electricians and repair technicians
  • Bricklayers
  • Carpenters
  • Contractors and supervisors in the machine, carpentry, and construction trades
  • Content writer, web developer

High-Paying Canada Jobs with No University Degree Requirement

Of the above jobs, most will pay over CAD 50000 a year.

Occupation Average Annual Salary
Salesperson, Sales executive 214,000 CAD
Pilot 205,000 CAD
Restaurant manager 147,000 CAD
Truck Driver 144,969 CAD
Content writer 110,000 CAD
Real estate agent 107,000 CAD
Yoga Instructor 106,000 CAD
Web developer 99,600 CAD
Electrician 62,339 CAD


As illustrated in the table above, these jobs pay pretty well. Considering the additional social benefits of healthcare and children’s education available with the Canada PR, you can lead a comfortable life even with no degree.

Some of the above jobs, such as yoga instructor and fitness trainer, also offer entrepreneurial prospects. You can be self-employed if you qualify for licenses and other regulatory obligations. There’s a shortage of these skills in Canada, and through the skilled worker visa Canada, the government of Canada is keen to get immigrants to fill these gaps in the workforce. If you’re someone who couldn’t obtain a degree, look up these jobs and see which one fits your skills best. Learn the other eligibility factors for an Express Entry PR visa for Canada and build a successful career even with no degree.

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