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How can I get a bike loan online at Low Interest Rate?

Whether you are a city commuter or a country dweller, a two wheeler is the most efficient mode of transportation. It is ideal to move around in congested pathways and saves time and money in the long run. Now purchase your favorite brand new motorcycle or scooter by availing a Two Wheeler Loan from Muthoot Capital. We offer online bike loans at low interest rates and quick processing.

Why you should take Muthoot Capital online Bike Loan:

  • Safety: In a time of crisis, when cities are facing inevitable collapse, the last thing you want on your mind is the safety of your ride to work. Whether it’s roadblocks, riots or even evacuation, you can ensure your driving experience will be as safe as possible with Muthoot Capital Two Wheeler Loans. These loans allow you to pick out a new ride – a bike of your own choosing – and we provide you with the necessary gear to operate it during dangerous times.
  • Sense of Independence: Bike loans are comparatively easy to avail of, without having to undergo any strenuous application processes. The most important things that you will have to provide is your residence proof and identity proof along with details of the bike that you would like to get as a loan. It is important to understand that bikes under bike loans are generally meant for emergency uses, such as meeting the medical expenses, or in case there was an unfortunate mishap at the workplace or while on duty, etc.
  • No Public Transport Hassles: Start your day on time without worry with fast, efficient Two Wheeler Loan online. Forget about long queues in public transport to catch a bus, metro, local train, or auto rickshaw, by borrowing the bike you like and purchasing your dream two wheeler.
  • No Personal Funds Strain: Go in for a Two Wheeler Loan and buy the scooter you have always imagined. Your dreams shouldn’t be sacrificed for expenses. At times of high inflation, prices on two-wheelers become even more exaggerated. You can opt for a Two Wheeler Loan and pay it back in easy Equal Monthly Installments over a comfortable tenure. This way, you won’t feel the pinch.
  1. Zero downpayment: Muthoot Capital Two Wheeler Loans to meet your different financial needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing vehicle or you simply need a new ride, Muthoot Capital range of Two Wheeler Loan offers will be of great use in providing the best loan solutions that match your requirements.

When you should take two-wheeler loan:

  • Personal Use: With a Two Wheeler you control your own destiny. From everyday work travel to emergencies, you can do them all without having to depend upon anybody. Just pay-back the EMI over several months and take it back from us when you’ve made enough use of the loan.
  1. Business Use: Do you need a Two Wheeler to carry out small business deliveries? Instead of outsourcing the same, consider taking a bike loan and purchase a Two Wheeler of your own. Not just this, you also get tax exemptions on the interest and the depreciation cost of the vehicle.
  2. Safety Use: Find travel less stressful and more enjoyable. Wheel your Two Wheeler Loan purchase on the back of the car, in a two-wheeler bag or carry it by hand. Our smart pricing ensures that you don’t overspend either.

Eligibility of two-wheeler loan:

The salient features of the scheme are as below:

Age: Age of the applicant should be 21 to 60 years old

Stable Residence: You must have at least one year of residential stability to apply (And also, in case of a super bike loan , you must be living in a self-owned house)

Stable employment: At least one year of employment stability is required.

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