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How Do Toll-Free Numbers Help in Better Brand Presence?


Toll-free numbers are virtual numbers that are also known as 1800 numbers. It allows the customers to make free calls, where the charges are bared by the business. Thus, the charge of calling is free of cost as they get communication at the cost of the business taking care of it. It is also called the free phone number.

Types of Toll-Free Numbers

A business chooses to buy toll-free numbers in India from the three categories as per the need of the business. The three types of toll-free numbers are:

  1. Domestic Toll-Free Number: It offers service to a business with offices in different locations within a country. It enables customers to call a business instantly without incurring any charges.
  2. Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN): UIFN is an eleven-digit number that can be used by an organization universally in geographical locations. A business with a global presence or that aims for an international presence can highly benefit the UIFN number. Companies use this number irrespective of the geographical area and enable customers to call them hassle-free.
  3. International Toll-Free Number: This category of contact numbers are country-specific and a business can easily use it to get in touch with customers. A business can use it for specific countries.

Toll-free number providers offer different features and categories of toll-free numbers. To buy toll-free numbers in India, a business can compare the pricing of different toll-free number providers.

Toll-Free Number for Making a Better Brand Presence

Toll-free numbers are the medium of business communication. It helps a business to make itself visible and accessible. A business can buy toll-free numbers in India to best use the features for a better branding presence.

  1. Establish 24×7 availability: A business can offer full support to their customers 24×7 hours. A business with easy accessibility to the customer is always preferred and enhances service satisfaction. It also supports service delivery across time and space differences. It shapes the branding value in the market.
  2. Boost customer satisfaction: Toll-free numbers offer free communication with seamless connectivity. It delivers the needs of the customers without any cost incurred. A business with a toll-free number can offer customer satisfaction without compromise. It ensures brand presence. It offers more options for query resolution and grievance addressing to the customers.
  3. Easy connectivity: A business with a toll-free number offers easy connectivity with customers. As toll-free numbers are easy to recall and retain, it makes communication easier. A business can easily call on the number. It enables customers to engage effortlessly across multi-touchpoint campaigns. Toll-free number providers support the brand presence of a business.
  4. Increase lead conversion: Toll-free numbers helps a business to increase lead conversion of a business. It ensures a business offers services that help to generate leads. It ensures a steady flow of customers.

The Three Major Features of Toll-Free Numbers

  1. IVR menu: A toll-free number can answer every customer query with the IVR multi-level menu. It ensures the establishment of immediate interaction with the customers without any assistance from the agents. An IVR menu can be customized as per the need of the business and the demands of the customers. The self-service feature of the IVR menu offers productive time to the agents. It also offers an immediate resolution that enhances customer satisfaction.
  2. Call routing: This feature helps a business to directly route calls to a specific department or agents. With a toll-free number when a customer calls on the number, initially the IVR menu guides them to get resolutions and register grievances. When a customer needs further assistance or is not satisfied with the menu service, they can request call routing. It is an automated service that is directly connected. It reduces call wait time and helps the customer to get connected instantly.
  3. Call recording: A business with a toll-free number can record all inbound and outbound calls automatically. The recording feature helps the business to maintain a database. This cloud-saved database can be used for market strategies, market analysis, or as tool for training purposes. Automated call recording records each and every call without nay manual operation. It helps the business to keep track of end to end conversation.

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