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How easy is the claim process and get a replacement car?

In the past, car theft has continued to occur a lot, especially in early 2021. Car theft is also getting more sophisticated, no longer breaking glass and without sounding an alarm. Therefore, it is recommended to use a hidden vehicle GPS.

However, even though GPS has been installed, the risk of the car not being found can still occur. Therefore, you still need protection in the event of such a risk. The trick is to use car insurance.

Get to know Car Insurance Types and Products

A car is a luxury for some people. It’s not easy to own a car. Of course, you will be very sad when there is damage to the car. Then, you will be confused to imagine how much it will cost to repair. Especially if there is a loss.

One way to protect your car is to use insurance. You need to know that there are 2 types of car insurance protection, namely comprehensive or all risk and TLO ( Total Loss Only ).

All risk insurance means that insurance provides coverage for all types of car damage, whether minor damage or severe damage, up to the loss of the vehicle. Meanwhile, for the TLO type, insurance will provide a guarantee in case of damage or loss of the car with a value of more than 75% of the car price.

All Risk

You can get full protection on your favorite car by paying insurance premiums regularly. This type of insurance is suitable for cars with high values. Minor damage in the form of abrasions can be submitted for an insurance claim. This type of insurance can also usually cover third-party insurance claims.

With various protections from risk types, the monthly premium that must be imagined is also of course bigger.

TLO (Total Loss Only)

In contrast to the all-risk type, which can cover even minor damage, the TLO type will only be covered in the event of a car loss or more than 75% damage to the vehicle, which can ensure that the car cannot be reused. However, the premium paid is cheaper than the all-risk type.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the two types, you can choose insurance based on your needs and ability to pay monthly premiums, yes! Most importantly, you will be calmer when you already have car insurance and don’t have to worry about repair costs or when you lose your car.

Car insurance from Tugu Insurance

Tugu Insurance has a car insurance product (drive) that can provide comprehensive protection for your car. Here are the advantages if you choose car insurance (drive) from Tugu Insurance:

  1. Has a network of workshops throughout Indonesia with a 6-month workmanship guarantee
  2. Can replace valuables in the event of theft in the car
  3. 24-hour trex service, which is emergency handling if it happens on the road, for example, an accident, running out of gas, locked car, soaked battery, leaking tires, and others
  4. Easy claim

How to File an Insurance Claim

Before making an insurance claim, you should first prepare the required documents as below:

  1. Insurance policy
  2. SIM and STNK (photocopy or digital form, depending on how the claim will be used)
  3. Evidence of police reports related to car damage or loss
  4. Chronology of events
  5. Damage photos

After preparing the required documents above, you can submit a claim to the insurance company. Especially for car insurance claims at Tugu Insurance, there are many ways to make it easier to submit claims, namely:


The first way is to access the drive app. The application can be downloaded directly on a smartphone via the App Store or Play Store.

Call TIA

With a 24-hour contact center service, you can call 1500458 or WhatsApp to 0811 97 900 100.

Claim online

You can claim by filling out the online form here.

Branch office

How easy is the claim process and get a replacement car?

In practice, almost all insurance airlines are unable to meet the need for a replacement car at the same time. Usually, they only prepare 1-2 vehicles for each type of car from their customers.

The insurance claim process and workshop work usually take 3-5 days, while the number of claims may come in every day if there are many insurance company customers.

This makes the replacement car have to queue. Even then, do not expect the condition of the replacement car as you expect. Remember that the status of a replacement car itself is often also a rental made by insurance companies to cover their claim operations so that they are considered and calculated as costs and must be minimized.

Anticipate the Worst Possible

The easiest way to do this is to adjust the time to enter the workshop along with getting a replacement car. It should be noted that for workshop claims that do not fall into the emergency category, you can adjust this schedule.

If there is an emergency such as a breakdown, broken glass, etc., like it or not, you have to put your car in a repair shop immediately. Queuing conditions like this are absolute. You need to record your claim number so that the insurer can easily check the stock of a replacement car and adjust it to the schedule for entering the repair shop for your car.

That way the routine will continue to run normally while waiting for the repair shop to repair your car.

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