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How gaming industry is revolutionizing with blockchain technology?



The world is unraveling new use cases for blockchain technology on a daily basis. Although the majority consider Bitcoin and finance once they hear the word ‘blockchain’, the technology may already realize CryptoKitties and also the handfuls of other collectible-style games on the blockchain. However, blockchain technology is being employed for over just cute, digital animals.


You may already know that agriculture, energy companies, and art world are integrating blockchain into their operations. But, there’s another unsuspecting sector also joining in: online gaming. Numerous cryptocurrency projects are looking for their controllers, so to talk, and some of the industry’s biggest names are contributing their support.


If you’re a passionate gamer, you may agree that conventional gaming relies on centralized platforms. What this suggests is that the relevant data to a particular game is stored in servers, which are controlled by administrators. 


The account information and history records are kept within the servers and there are some gaming assets that players can collect.

The information is owned and controlled by a corporation and this implies that as a player you are doing have ownership rights of the account and therefore the gaming assets. In essence, all the ability lies with the gaming company


For Example, Decentraland could also be a “virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain.” In essence, it’s a virtual world that you simply simply can own touch of. You get land within the Decentraland world, and thus the record of ownership is recorded on the Ethereum, Holochain, and Tron networks. You’re absolved to try to do whatever you choose along with your land.


Over time, each player will depend upon their digital land creating an entire virtual universe complete with businesses, services, and social activities. the only limit is within the imagination of the players on the platform extends its reach far beyond those two things.


However, there’s also a more brilliant industry that’s commencing to apply blockchain technology – the computer game industry. Right now, blockchain technology is actively being introduced into the computer game market with a price of over $ 170 billion. By comparison, in 2018 the industry was worth only $ 100 billion and therefore the number of users was 2.2 billion.


The advantages of Blockchain technology in Gaming.


Also, like several other technologies, blockchain has its advantages and disadvantages. It has been split into two support sectors the primary is pleased with the emergence of this technology, and also the secondary looks with suspicion. 


However, technology provides more advantages than disadvantages. That’s why many game developers are actively exploring technology and using it in their projects. Many folks are wondering how blockchain is utilized in games. 


The technology has the potential to supply many benefits for both gamers and developers. For example, the matter of fraudulent and hacked accounts can disappear through the employment of blockchain. 


This inspires gamers, developers, and even game publishers to bring innovative technology to the computer game industry. a brand new era of gaming has already begun. 


The most benefits of blockchain for the game industry are presented below that is are as follows-


Safety and reliability-The security and reliability provided by the blockchain minimizes the number of fraudulent incidents. Since it’s impossible to vary the data on the blockchain, the number of thefts of valuable game goods and accounts are often minimized. Also, the transparency of the blockchain reduces the likelihood of fraudulent gambling schemes.






Microtransactions– Fast, light, and affordable microtransactions are a plus, particularly for developers. Learning ways to monetize developer work is changing the industry. Blockchain technology is decentralized, which implies independence from authorities and transparency of transactions.






There aren’t any illegal blockchain markets, there’s only compliance with the foundations that make secure interactions flourish. Microtransactions on the blockchain network are more reliable than microtransactions on traditional centralized networks.



Low fees-Oddly enough, the blockchain provides low transaction fees. This incorporates a positive effect on the economy of in-game operations, which makes it possible to cut back the value of products and services for gamers. Also, thanks to the actual fact that the blockchain is an independently functioning decentralized system, there’s no need for intermediaries or centralized governing bodies.

Blockchain technology makes it easier to possess “real” virtual goods

Fraud is rampant within the virtual goods market. the dearth of trust within the market results in segregated, centralized trading platforms that always charge excessive fees when exchanging assets. additionally, a sudden shutdown of the gaming platform can cause the disappearance of gaming assets and losses.

However, the game market doesn’t stand still; new solutions to those problems supported by blockchain technology are constantly emerging. 


One of the is WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) may be a decentralized platform that will be made to create virtual markets. Created by the OPSkins team, the platform uses WAX tokens to trade any virtual asset in cryptocurrency. 


Using this platform, gaming communities create currencies, items that are supported by the Enjin Coin token. The project also created a “smart wallet like Bitcoin Core ” with which you’ll artifact on various gaming platforms.


Gaming platforms use blockchain technology to form payments

The cryptocurrency payment system eliminates intermediaries in transactions, etc., micropayments may be sent directly from players to the developer of the sport directly. 

The advantages of blockchain are enough to convince the gaming community to use it. Blockchain may also distribute video games. additionally to publishing games to a centralized marketplace, like the Apple App Store, game developers can directly transfer computer game data through the decentralized marketplace. Again, avoiding a centralized middleman and high fees. 




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