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How important is the role of parents as well as schools in a child’s development?

Early childhood is the best time to start nurturing children so that they can have an overall development helping them to face the new world they are about to face.

A world full of competition that they have to confront, full of pressure that they have to withstand, all starts right from their nurturing years of pre-school and remains throughout the time till high school and later in professional life. 

Pre-school years are vital for a parent to nourish their child, and train them so that they become civilized human beings and learn to respect the environment and the people around them.

That is the reason why Best International Schools in Malaysia have well-equipped pre-school structures to facilitate a child’s growth right from the beginning.

It begins at home!

Let’s start right from the beginning. Remembering the old saying, “charity begins at home”, it has been seen that not only charity, but every habit of a child begins from home.

Parents and families are the first teachers that a child mingles with. And so, a lot of their manners and habits are quite naturally dependent on what they see in their early years in front of them.

Therefore, families have to be very careful at this time, and also see that their conduct within themselves is at par not only when the child is near, but also in general. Like it or not, not only what a child sees is enough, but also giving them a healthy ambience is of absolute necessity.

A lot of issues that a child might face in due course of their student-life get fixed automatically when they are kept in a healthy ambience. Because like mirrors, these little toddlers reflect whatever they see, hear or feel around them. So, If their childhood is anyhow affected by any unstipulated events, it creates a deep impact on their little minds. And what’s worse is, these impacts get negative and the results are often unexpected.

Although Best International Schools in Malaysia start to train a child from the pre-school days, the basic behavior or mannerisms is what a child picks up from home itself. Therefore, needless to say, parents and families play a big role in how a child would grow up to be in the following years. So, nurturing these little angels with utmost care is essential.

Role of Pre-school

Preschool education is important since it aids in a child’s emotional, social, and personal development. When a 3-year-old is given the opportunity to spend some time with adults other than his or her parents, he or she learns to form trusting relationships with them. 

Although a child learns to speak at home, continual interaction and exposure with other children of the same age group and teachers help them to improve their communication abilities in a preschool. 

Running, climbing, beading, art, and craft activities all help to build hand-eye coordination and chisel their extra-curricular abilities which are important to lead a healthy life. So, parents who were thinking of putting their child in a school may consider Best International Schools in Malaysia for the overall development of a child from the early years.

Early education researchers have also demonstrated the value of preschool education, claiming that children who are taught at a young age have better social skills, fewer behavioral issues, and better grades without receiving special attention.

Ways to help children with the primary school years

Although Best International Schools in Malaysia have the best faculties and structured curriculums to make a child grow from all boundaries, it might just not be enough at times! Sometimes all a child needs is their parent’s help! Or a comfort zone where they can remain themselves. So, here are some of the ways parents can help their children grow through their primary school years-

  • Even if a child is capable of reading independently, continue to read to them. This helps improve their concentration, listening, and basic pronunciation skills
  • Strictly maintain a time frame that involves the child’s free time to play. Playing makes them relaxed, refreshes their mind, helps maintain a good physical condition, and also improves mental stability.
  • Urge a youngster to attempt a variety of things other than academics. This includes various co-curricular activities like playing, reading, painting, dancing, music, art, craft, etc., in order to figure out what they’re good at.
  • Motivate them to talk about what happened in school. This instills trust inside these young ones, and they feel that parents are interested in knowing about their happenings.

Ways to help children with the secondary school years

Here are some more ways parents can take to nurture their children through the secondary schooling years-

  • Interact with them regularly about everything going on in the world. Watch and discuss T.V shows and news together.
  • Sleep deprivation becomes a common issue with people of this age group. Therefore, assist the child in developing or maintaining a healthy sleeping habit.
  • Try to notice when a child is facing difficulty with a chore and figure out what he or she needs. It could be your assistance, or it could be a vacation from the activity at hand.

Kuala Lumpur International School fees

One might be thinking that schools of this level might be too much for them to afford. But the actual scenery is quite a contradictory one! Although it is very true that some of the International schools can be quite out of budget, there are schools that do not find themselves in this category.

Moreover, many Best International Schools in Malaysia have scholarship facilities that allow concession on tuition fees for qualifying students. Other than that, there are also scholarships available to get a chance to study their niches in top universities across the globe! Therefore, if it is being assumed that would stand in the way of providing a child with the best education, training, and well-equipped infrastructure and facilities, it might be a very wrong assumption!


Hope this article gives you an idea on nurturing children from childhood and its importance in doing so.

Plus giving an environment in the form of Best International Schools in Malaysia which focuses on the all-round holistic development of a child, right from the pre-school days until high-school time can be the start for students.

They are being groomed, trained through rigorous curriculum structures. Also, they are encouraged to pick up co-curricular activities of their choice, observe closely, and be motivated to pursue their interests. And not to worry about the Kuala Lumpur International School fees as they are quite affordable compared to other International schools. 

Make the right choice for your child in terms of finding the best school which provides the right environment. Give them the best start which can set them up for a successful future.


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