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How To Apostille In US?

To apostille public administrative or judicial documents, including civil registry documents, the competent authorities are the territorial departments of the Ministry of Justice, the Central Office for Citizen Services, the ministry itself, and the government secretariats of the regional High Courts of Justice.

However, if the judicial documents have been issued by the Supreme Court or by the National High Court, the competent authority is their respective court clerks. Finally, if it is a private document or a notarial document, they have the competence to apostille the notarial associations.

In numerous cases it is possible that prior to apostille a signature recognition is required by the competent authority, as is the case of university degrees, documents issued by the Social Security Institute, the National Employment Institute, the Tax Agency, etc. .

How to apostille in Guatemala?

The work of apostilling corresponds to the Authentication Department of the General Directorate of Legal Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs, located in the Migrant Assistance Center (2a. Av. 4-17 zone 10), in Guatemala City.

How to apostille in Honduras?

This task corresponds to the Authentication and Apostille Section of the Secretary of State in the Office of Foreign Relations, Municipality of the Central District. For the request, it is required to present a bank receipt of fee payment. The apostille takes one day.

How to apostille in Mexico?

State public documents must be apostilled with the corresponding state government. Examples of this type of document are those issued by Civil Registry officials, Common Law Judges, municipal presidents, public notaries, the Attorney General’s Office and the Superior Court of State Justice, etc.

People who live in the interior of the republic can avoid having to travel to Mexico City by sending their documentation by parcel with a prepaid guide.

Previously, they must certify the signature of the document, pay the help sheet for the payment of rights at the bank window, present a valid official identification with a passport, INE, professional ID or military card and, in the case of Mexicans, the CURP (Clave single population registry).

How to apostille in Nicaragua?

The competent authority is the General Consular Directorate of the Foreign Ministry. The holder can appear in person at his office or send the documentation by courier, after downloading the form in which the apostille request is made.

How to apostille in Peru?

In Peru, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for apostilling public documents, and it performs this task at the Transit and Personalized Attention Windows.

How to apostille in the Dominican Republic?

The person interested in apostilling a public document must go to the Reception and Delivery of Documents area of ​​the Directorate for Legalization of Documents under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You must have previously paid the corresponding fee at the Banco de Reservas and obtained certification of signatures from the competent authority, which will depend on the type of document. Thus, in the case of acts of a civil nature, prior certification must be obtained from the district board.

In the case of legal or judicial documents, the Signature Legalization Department of the Attorney General’s Office is in charge; Primary and secondary study documents are apostilled by the State Ministry of Education; university studies are handled by the Ministry of Higher Education; commercial and business documents are apostilled by the Chamber of Commerce; those related to health are apostilled by the Ministry of Public Health; the military, by the Ministry of Defense and National Police; and, finally, the documents concerning the Catholic religion are apostilled by the legalization department of the archbishopric.

How to apostille in Venezuela?

To apostille it is necessary to register on the page of the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Relations and request an electronic appointment. The day of the appointment can be attended by the holder of the document, a family member or their representative or proxy.

Of interest to those who wish to study or work in the US.

Among the documents that are most frequently apostilled are those related to education. It is a common step for foreigners who want to study or perform jobs that require certain studies in the United States.

The apostille is different from the validation and homologation of academic records and titles. In the United States, it is carried out by private companies expressly recognized by the institution in which you want to study or work, that is, not just anyone will do and it is necessary to pay attention to that detail.

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