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How To Buy Redmi Mobiles On EMI Without A Credit Card?

Although smartphones are growing smarter and offer a plethora of features that aid people with their daily tasks, cellphones are now more of a fashion statement, with individuals flaunting their phones as a status symbol. People rush to online and offline stores to buy the latest mobile phone as soon as it is released. Redmi is one such brand that is extremely popular among Android smartphone users. It is a multibillion-dollar corporation that manufactures some of the best phones on the market. They have impressed each age group, be it students, professionals, or retirees, with their Redmi phones on EMI. Their smartphones cater to the needs of each section, and they routinely release new phones in different price segments.

About Redmi (by Xiaomi)

Xiaomi has become one of the biggest and most popular smartphone brands. Owing to its renowned Redmi series, it is among the most popular smartphone brands in India. While Xiaomi has long been a prominent brand in Asia, the tech behemoth just surpassed Samsung to become the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer. The firm presently holds the Guinness World Record for selling the most phones in a single day (2.11 million). This record was set by the Chinese smartphone company at the 2015 Mi Fan Festival. The business accomplished this by smashing a one-year-old record of selling 1.3 million gadgets at the 2014 Mi Fan Festival in one day. Xiaomi has branched into other market segments with a touch of creativity after achieving enormous success with smartphones. The brand has released products such as the Mi flashlight, the Mi Air Purifier, and the Mi Drone, which have all been a big success worldwide.

4 Ways to Purchase Redmi Phone on EMI

You can use any of the following financing options to obtain your desired Redmi mobile phone with easy installments.

1. Loans for consumer durables

Many lending providers, such as EMILife, Bajaj Finserv, Tata Capital, CapFirst, etc., provide consumer durable loans that you may utilize to buy your Redmi phone on EMIs. You may purchase your preferred smartphone at one of the partner stores and apply for the financing at the bill counter or head straightway to their webpage. The documentation is scant. If your paperwork is deemed to be in order, you will be accepted, and you will be able to walk out with your dream phone in your pocket the same day!

2. EMI Credit Cards

EMI Card is one alternative for purchasing your desired Redmi phone. An EMI Card is a pre-approved loan that transforms a variety of purchases into simple EMIs. You can select the length of your loan and the amount you are willing to pay in EMIs. In addition, there are no penalties on foreclosures if you pay off your purchases sooner.

3. Platforms for lending technology

With daily breakthroughs in financial technology, you can now purchase Redmi smartphones through online lenders with only your existing debit card. Using many different online lending services, you can shop using your debit card and turn your payment into inexpensive EMIs.

4. EMI on your current Debit Card

Banks such as Axis, HDFC, and ICICI allow their clients to purchase mobile phones and other electronic devices on EMI using their debit cards. If you are a client of any of these banks, you can easily purchase your phone by going to the partner retailer where this offer is offered. For information regarding partner outlets and eligibility, it’s best to visit the bank’s website. Keep in mind that the transaction will not be approved unless you have the required sum in your savings account.


Having a top-of-the-line smartphone like the Redmi phone on EMI allows you to accomplish anything on the go. With new releases hitting the market every few months, updating your smartphone regularly is vital to access improved features and advantages. Besides, purchasing flagship smartphones using EMI is more manageable considering the hefty price tags that might be difficult to pay upfront.

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