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How to Find Affordable Engagement Rings at Rare Carat

When you’re searching for an engagement ring, you may be tempted to head to the first jewelry store you see. However, shopping online will offer you more choices and potentially save you a lot of money. There are many different reasons why you should consider shopping online for your engagement ring.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are good times to buy engagement rings

If you’re planning to propose over the holiday season, you might want to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to purchase your engagement ring. However, this can come with its own risks. Engagement rings are very expensive, and it’s better to do your research in advance of these shopping days. Plus, stores can be very competitive during these two days.

Engagement ring sales are generally slower during the fall and early winter months. However, some merchants will offer special deals around the holidays to entice holiday shoppers. By shopping during this period, you can avoid the holiday rush, and take your time picking out the perfect ring.

Although there is no one “magical” time of year to buy engagement rings, some retailers offer special deals or free gifts to their customers. These promotions can be valuable, especially if you’re on a budget. But it’s important to keep in mind that high-quality diamonds rarely come with special discounts during the holiday season.

Another good time to buy an engagement ring is two to three months before your proposal. This allows you plenty of time to compare prices and choose a setting that matches the ring. Don’t rush the process, as this could cause you to make rash decisions and neglect comparison shopping. Moreover, you might end up buying the wrong diamond and ending up with a less than a satisfactory ring.

Choosing a metal

One of the most important decisions you can make when choosing an engagement ring is the metal. You’ll need to consider durability and how easy it will be to clean. If you’re going for a traditional look, you might want to consider a high-purity metal, such as platinum. However, this option is more expensive than other metals.

Choosing a metal for an engagement ring is not difficult, but it does require some knowledge of different metals and their properties. Platinum is a popular choice because it adds elegance to a ring, but there are many options for those with a smaller budget. Rose gold, white gold, and silver are other great options. Just make sure that the metal is free from nickel, which can cause an allergic reaction. If you want to buy a non-platinum ring, be sure to ask whether the metal has been rhodium plated.

Once you’ve decided on the metal, the next step is choosing a band. A ring should fit snugly around the center stone. If it’s wide, however, you’ll have to select a larger band size. You can find a ring sizing chart on the Rare Carat Viewer.

Another consideration when selecting a metal for an engagement ring at Rare Carat is your own personal preferences. If you’re allergic to nickel, a ring with more gold in it will most likely scratch or dent easily. If you have a gold allergy, then a platinum or palladium ring may be the right choice. The latter will be more durable than 18K gold and will have enough gold in them to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

Choosing a diamond shape

When choosing a diamond shape, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, consider your budget. Often, the larger the diamond, the higher the price will be. Therefore, you might have to compromise. This is where the 4 Cs can help you make the most of your budget.

Another important factor to consider is the setting. The setting of the diamond will either enhance or detract from the beauty of the stone. Usually, a diamond is supported by a thin metal frame that is partly or fully encased. The prong is one of the most common types of setting and works well for various diamond shapes. However, this type of setting can become loose with time, and you should be aware of this.

The color of the diamond is important as well. A diamond with a yellow tint can create a romantic feeling. In general, the color of the diamond will depend on your personal preferences and your budget. You may want to choose a diamond that has a slight yellow hue, but this is not essential.

The most popular diamond shape is the round cut. This diamond shape has 57-58 perfectly positioned facets and looks like a perfect circle. It is the most popular and in demand shape. It allows light to refract and reflect inside the diamond. This process is called scintillation. When light enters a diamond, this process creates various colors of light, including fire and white light.

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