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How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Social Ads

If you are one of those people interested in social listening and digital marketing, surely you are always looking for techniques to increase the effectiveness of Social Ads and improve the so-called Return on Investment ROI. In fact, you are not alone. Investing in Social Ads is an increasingly common practice for brands and entrepreneurs (Campaign, 2021).

But, in case you are still not 100% clear, we are going to define what Social Ads are. These are the ads that are made on social networks to reach more audiences (Campaign, 2021).

It’s worthwhile to continue reading to learn how to be more effective in Social Ads and other important aspects of this digital marketing tool.

Types of Social Ads platforms

In addition to knowing how to increase the effectiveness of Social Ads, it is also important to know what the different types of platforms offer where campaigns can be executed.

Next, we will detail 4 of the most important ones.

Google Ads

They are ads to gain visibility to people who do searches on Google. You only need to pay for the results you get. For example, clicks to your website or calls to your business (Google Ads, nd ).

The types of ads you can do in Google Ads are (Google Ads, sf ):

Text: words only.

Responsive: to look good on all screens.

Image: texts and words.

Promotion of applications: to increase downloads, for example, of messaging apps or any other.

Video: a video is inserted.

Shopping: Shows product photos, names, and details.


You can create Facebook Ads posts on Facebook or Instagram. They can help you get more messages, video views, leads, or calls (Facebook, n.d. ).

The types of ads that can be created are (Facebook, nd ):

Video: in the news section.

By sequence: up to 10 images or videos in the same ad.

Instant Experience: A screen that opens when someone taps on your ad.

Collection: displays various products.


It has 3 types of ads (Twitter, nd ):

  • Promoted: common tweets to reach more people.
  • For followers: appear in the accounts of those who do not follow you. The goal is to gain followers.
  • Trend Takeover: These are ads placed next to trends.


They let you reach an audience of professionals on LinkedIn and interact with them (LinkedIn, sf ).

The types of ads are:

  • Image.
  • Video.
  • Carousel: to tell a story with sliding cards.
  • Events: to promote seminars, presentations, and any type of event.

Effectiveness in Social Ads: advantages of online ads

The effectiveness of Social Ads is very important because it represents the following advantages for brands and entrepreneurs (Kirilova, 2020):

  • Price: campaigns can be carried out without an excessive budget.
  • Reach: They allow you to reach more potential customers because almost everyone has a profile on social networks.
  • Targeting: Helps show the ad only to specific profiles.
  • Loyalty: they allow users to become familiar with brands and products.

5 tips to increase the effectiveness of Social Ads

To improve your ROI (return on investment) and encourage the growth of your company, we recommend applying the following strategies (Hootsuite, sf ).

1. Choose well where to invest

Imagine that you are faced with the following dilemma: you have a budget for a Social Ads campaign on Facebook. Which of all your posts is worth investing in? Or is it better to create a new post to promote? The best candidates for Social Ads are those posts that generate the most clicks and interactions organically.

2. Segment, segment, segment

Trying to reach the whole world with an ad will surely reduce the effectiveness of Social Ads. It’s best to target to show your ads only to specific audiences.

For example, on LinkedIn, it could be shown only to those who added the phrase: marketing manager.

3. Design the publication frequency well

To prevent your ads from being boring and therefore generating fewer clicks (which will cause them to cost you more), we recommend rotating different Ads with new content every 3 or 5 days.

4. Do tests to measure the effectiveness of Social Ads

Before committing a large budget to a campaign, launch several ads with different copies and photos.

In each one, he invests little money. Then analyze which one worked better, and that is the one to which you should allocate a larger budget.

5. Think responsive

Most of the people who are to see your ad will be on mobile devices. For this reason, you must design responsive ads. That is, they adapt their size to look good on different screen sizes. Finally, to increase the effectiveness of Social Ads and have a good return on investment, it is crucial to understand the performance of your campaigns (Hootsuite, sf ). Check the statistics, and little by little, you will know what works best for you. We hope that this article will be useful to you and if you like it, share it.

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