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How To Scan The Barcodes With PDA Scanners

Mobile computers provide employees with work flexibility, saving approximately 11.3 hours of SCM operations per employee per week, greatly improving work efficiency. Many mobile PDA scanners are intuitive, with user-friendly interfaces and operating systems familiar to your employees, like Android or Windows Mobile. The most commonly used mobile devices include wearable and handheld mobile computers, vehicle-mounted computers, handheld RFID readers, and tablet computers.

Types of PDA Scanners

The best PDAs for scanning barcodes are those that have a laser beam scanner built-in. These devices have a high degree of accuracy because they use a laser to “read” the code on the package or product. They’re also the most reliable because they don’t require you to line up the barcode in order for the scanner to work. However, laser scanners tend to be more expensive than other types of scanners.

Another type of PDA scanner is an optical character recognition (OCR) scanner. OCR scanners are similar to laser scanners in that they use a beam of light to read the code on products, but they’re less accurate because they rely on software to interpret the characters on the product. OCR scanners are often cheaper than laser scanners, but they don’t work with all types of codes.

4 ways to use a portable barcode scanner

  1. Scan barcode labels and RFID labels with a handheld PDA scanner
  2. Capture faster data with portable PDA scanners
  3. Advanced Tracking with PDA barcode scanner
  4. Use mobile computers press-to-transmit communication


Checking inventory may be a tedious task for some merchants that are not equipped with PDA scanners. I’ve found that using the UROVO PDA scanner can make this task much easier, as they are designed specifically for scanning barcodes. Not only do PDA scanners save you time, but they also provide accurate results every time

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