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How To Use Andong Business Trip Massage And Operation Policy

We will briefly explain to customers about Andong Business Trip Massage Rocket Business Trip. The reason why our Andong business trip massage has risen to the top spot in the industry is that even first-time customers can use it comfortably, so I think that it is possible to come up to the seat.

First of all, to give a brief explanation, if you view our site, contact the customer center, and if you like friendly consultation, make a reservation and send us your location (address, same number), our driver will pick up the manager, I’m running straight to Our Andong Business Trip Massage Rocket Business trip has the mobility to arrive quickly to our customers, so we can confidently tell you that we can arrive faster than others.

Easy way to use Andong business trip massage

  • Search Andong 출장안마 or Andong business trip massage on the search site.
  • From the results of the search, you enter the site of your choice.
  • After consulting with the customer center, if you like it, you can make a reservation.
  • When the reservation is complete, we will send you your address.
  • We wait because the travel service itself takes time to travel.
  • When the manager arrives, you will receive a massage service after making payment.

It may seem quite complicated when you write it down like this, but it is by no means complicated. Just give us a call, and if you like it, make a reservation and wait.

Andong Business Trip Massage Rocket’ Clear Operational Policy

Managers who repeatedly make mistakes or show unkind behavior to customers are provided with separate training or an out system if they tell us right away.

To customers who have made a reservation, when the manager departs, we provide a real-time location briefing upon departure.

Weekly mind training ensures that there is no awkwardness during the massage service time, and the manager induces a pleasant atmosphere to provide the best massage service.

Other livelihood companies and startups are providing business trip massage services to customers with a system that cannot be followed.

As above, our company’s operating policy is an operating system that cannot even be compared with other livelihood companies or startups, and we provide premium massage services to our customers. In addition, we are providing services to our customers with our special know-how developed over the years of operation.

If you received a massage service from our company’s managers and you think the quality is inferior to other companies, please tell the customer center right away, and our staff will check it directly and if it fails, we will refund you as an apology to the customer. Or, we provide free use coupons. However, there are cases where you use this advantage to tell lies, and in that case, there is absolutely no refund and it will become black and you will not be able to use it next time.

If there are any inconveniences or inconveniences in using our Andong business trip massage service, please call the customer center immediately and tell us. Our company never listens to customer complaints and corrects them as soon as they hear them so that you can use them comfortably the next time you use them.

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