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How To Win Hold’em & Poker

Poker is a very difficult game. It is said that there are about 200 types of poker all over the world. Among them, the most popular poker in Korea is 7 Audi, a type of poker that is often referred to as 7 pokers.

How to play hold’em & poker

First keep looking at your opponent’s hand. Usually, when playing poker, you play poker by looking at your own hand. In poker, no matter how high your hand is, if your opponent’s hand is higher, it’s a no-brainer. Just watch it over and over again. If your opponent thinks you will get a straight, look carefully at how many cards you have in your hand to make a straight. For example, if you have 4578, then 6 is the required state.

If there are a lot of 6s on the floor or if I have a few in my hand. It is difficult for the opponent to come out straight. This is also true of my hand. Look at the opposing paddles even when I hear 4578. See how many 6s are solved. And if there are very few 6’s, the odds of going straight are slightly higher.


Memorize the race. Of course, in the case of  온라인홀덤, most of the games are played with halves, but most online poker has a 1-2-2-2 race number. In other words, the 4th is the 1st. The 5th is the 2nd. The 6th is also twice. There are often two races in hidden.

Don’t forget to memorize it all. In other words, person A raced in the first of the 5th card and called in the second. Person B called both times in the 6th pitch in that way. Even if you memorize it, you can guess to some extent whether this person is a hoax or real.


Believe in probability, but not absolute trust. I am often more afraid of 4 flushes than 4 straights. But probabilistically, the probability of a flush is much lower. Poker is a game of odds. Of course, the chance of getting a stipple is about 1 in 6 million, but that’s not necessarily the case.

The tile on the floor, the tile I hold in my hand. Depending on the situation, the probability of such a thing is very different. In other words, although the probability of a stipple is about 1/6 million, depending on the tile on the floor, it may drop to about 1/30 or less. It’s only 1/6 of stipples, so will stipples come out? That kind of judgment is dangerous.


Die well the more skilled you are, the more likely you are to be fooled by punks, and you will often die. It is very risky to play before you can even see anything certain. In particular, people who make their own 4 flushes and run them blindly. This is a very dangerous style. Even if you made a 4 player in the 4th ball. You have to die boldly according to the mood of the board at that time.

Keep that in mind. The more advanced you are, the easier it is to be deceived by punks, and you don’t regret dying. It seems that some of the things described above were memorized. If you actually play poker, you have to memorize the person’s actions as well. You can tell the difference between funky and jinka from the loudness of your voice during the race and the way you throw money. There’s only one thing I can remember right now, but I’ll tell you that.

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