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How You Can Build The Best Summer Skincare Kit Based On Your Skin Type

Did you know that your skin and its demands alter as the weather changes? Summer is difficult for our skin as the scorching sun strips off the hydration and softness. As the temperature rises, our skin becomes oilier. Here’s a comprehensive guide to a skincare routine that will preserve your skin throughout the summer and prevent breakouts and damage. 

If Your Skin is Normal or Dry

Due to the apparent humidity, you will need less moisturiser in the summer and monsoon if you have dry or moderately dry skin. Start with lighter moisturisers and wash your face twice a day. 

Lip Balm

To treat blistered, chapped lips, buy a strawberry lip balm.


Make sunscreen a must-have and use it all year long, regardless of the season. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen MatteGEL Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ is a non-sticky, matte gel sunscreen with the added advantage of Vitamin C to boost your shine.

DD Cream

Want to give your skin that instant glow? Apply a DD Cream – it effectively covers any flaws and dark spots, offering sun protection and giving your skin a perfect finish.

If Your Skin is a Combination Type,

Humidity can negatively impact your skin. So, to control extra oiliness, keep your face clean throughout the day. 


Use Tea-Tree cleansers at least twice a day to combat excessive oiliness and keep pores clean. Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Face Wash was designed for facial treatment of acne-prone and oily skin . The real essence is antimicrobial, so it removes all dirt and oil from deep within the pores, preventing breakouts and acne and giving you flawless skin. Apply mild, water or gel-based moisturisers to the skin to keep it hydrated and exfoliate once or twice a week. 

DD Cream

We recommend using a DD Cream instead of the foundation since it’s lighter and matte, making it a perfect choice for oily or acne-prone skin. And don’t forget to pamper your lips with a strawberry lip balm.

If Your Skin is Sensitive,

You need to be more careful all year if you have sensitive skin, regardless of the weather. 


Wash your face with mild, pH-balanced cleansers—this helps protect your skin from drying out too much while also regulating sweat and oiliness. To soothe any rash or reactions that occur out of nowhere, use a thermal spring water spray. You should avoid using any items that include alcohol or artificial perfumes. Lotus Herbals Alcohol-Free Cleansing Water will work well for you.


A serum is your perfect companion if you have sensitive skin. The skin absorbs it quickly, leaving it soft and hydrated. Potent serums draw a shield against harmful UV rays & pollution.


You may not need to change your skincare routine entirely. Keep in mind that, depending on your skin type and how it reacts to the environment. Pay attention to how your skin reacts to the summer heat and alter your regimen accordingly.

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