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How You Can Gain Lifeguard Certification Today

Training to become an approved lifeguard is an important, rewarding and useful experience. Not only will you get to save lives, but you’ll also learn valuable lifeguard skills. Lifeguard training comprises many components, including: Recognizing life in the event of emergency, CPR, first aid, swimming stroke technique and more. This article will cover the application of those lifeguard skills.

In-person Lifeguard Certification Training: To become an authorized lifeguard, you must meet the minimum requirements by your state. Most lifeguards have undergone some sort of lifeguarding training. Some lifeguards have received their lifeguarding certification through on-the-job training while others have achieved their certification by taking an exam. Others still have reached their certifications by taking a written examination. There are many organizations that offer lifeguard training. Check out their websites for more information.

Red Cross Lifeguard Training: If you want to work in a caring environment, then the Red Cross is a good choice for your career. The Red Cross offers Red Cross lifeguard training as part of its standard lifeguard certification training. The Red Cross has been working in helping people survive disasters for over one hundred years. They provide training not only in emergencies but also how to deal with everyday life situations. Their lifeguarding certification has a lifeguard who has already taken an advanced course.

State Requirements: To work as a lifeguard, the state requires that you have at least 15 years experience in the field. You must pass the lifeguard training and have a background in CPR and first aid. Your experience should include at least one year on-the-job training. Some states will even require a university degree as well as certification from a recognized organization.

Choose the Right Course: There are a variety of courses out there, so it’s important that you choose a reputable company with a lifeguard training program that fits your needs. When looking at the various courses, make sure they teach you the skills you need for the job. There are those courses where you’re taught the basics, while others will teach you the skills needed for diving into emergencies and saving lives. No matter what your needs, a blended learning approach will give you the best chance at a successful career.

Online Lifeguard Training: While in-person training gives you hands-on experience, online lifeguard training is the most popular and effective way for new trainees to learn how to swim. With online courses, you get more flexibility than in-person training because you can learn at your own pace. Plus, some online courses will offer you live feedback that can be invaluable when you’re in the field. To save time, check out e-learning options that offer interactive quizzes, demonstrations, games, and simulations that will allow you to get a real feel for the job. With an easy-to-use interface and a range of different approaches, e-learning is by far one of the most popular ways to get lifeguard training today.

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