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Invisalign Login And Registration Process

Once you finally have decided to go ahead with invisalign login, the next step will be making an appointment with your dentist to get more information and decide which course of action would be best suited for you. After that, you can make an appointment at the Invisalign office closest to your residence or work place and then proceed to the registration desk inside the office premises. An Invisalign representative will help you fill up a small form asking about your details like basic personal information, insurance details, etc.


The Steps For Login

Step 1- Go to Invisalign Doctor site. Step 2- Choose a username or an email address which you want to use for login. Step 3- Go to your email address from inbox, click on verify your registration. Step 4- Enter your username or email address that you choose in step 2 . Step 5- A page will appear with a question of Do you agree? Click on YES button. Step 6- On next page enter your password that consists of 8 characters including alphabets, numbers and special character like hyphen (-), underscore (_) etc.. Click on submit button after filling all fields properly. Now you are logged in successfully into Invisalign Doctor site. You can view all your account details by clicking on My Account link present at top right corner of any page. Step 7- If you forget your password then go to forgot password link given at bottom right corner of any page. Fill up form and press reset button at end of form field. After verification process your new password will be send to email id that is provided while registering yourself in website.


What Should You Do After Successful Registration?

If you have successfully registered on Invisalign doctor website then first thing is you can check your email to verify your account. Secondly,you can book an appointment with a doctor for consultation which is very necessary before going ahead with any kind of treatment like invisalign or braces. Later on you will be asked to do some dental examination by the dentist who are providing invisalign services in your area. This includes X-rays and other dental examiners like blood pressure checkup, teeth cleaning etc.


Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

Before you begin your registration, we recommend you read through our list of frequently asked questions. Most users find it helpful to glance through these common questions before logging in for the first time. This will also give you a chance to check out our Help section. Even if you don’t encounter a specific problem during your account creation process, it can still be helpful to refer back to our FAQ page throughout your time on our website.


At first you will be provided with your own username (which is your email address) along with a password. You should use strong passwords for account to prevent hackers from getting into your accounts. It is also advised that you create separate passwords for each of your different accounts, i.e., one for Invisalign, one for Facebook, etc. You may also want to change your password regularly so that if someone happens to get hold of it they will not be able to access any of your other accounts as well in case they try logging in through another site while using an old password.

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