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Is It Possible to Rank #1 for Certain Keywords?

Are you struggling to rank in the top positions for the keywords you’re targeting? We resolve to discuss such tools and SEO companies in Delhi. We’ll compare and contrast their features.

While settling on the number of SEO watchwords per page to focus on, there are a few standard principles you ought to adhere to get higher rankings. All of which I’ll impart to you underneath.

The number of Keywords per Page for SEO

We ought to zero in on every one of your pages on a solitary subject. That is the essential responsibility for the number of catchphrases per page you ought to zero in on.

Then, you’ll find the most widely recognized questions that connect with the number of SEO watchwords per page you ought to target, which can assist with directing you in the correct bearing for progress.

What number of Keywords Can a PageRank for?

A solitary page can rank for many keywords if few inquiries. The quantity of catchphrases a page positions for relies heavily on how very much enhanced it is for SEO,

This occurs since a single page can rank for hundreds to thousands of related watchwords, which are designated “long-tail” catchphrases. Long-tail watchwords are longer types of root catchphrases.

For instance, a page that positions as the best SEO watchword apparatus may likewise rank as the best SEO catchphrase device for bloggers or the best SEO watchword instrument for private ventures, and so on.

What number of Keywords Should You Focus On?

You ought to zero in on a few catchphrases for each page as an absolute minimum. This incorporates one primary watchword and two firmly related questions.

If you can zero in on additional keywords while making the substance seem normal at that point, attempt to advance for more SEO catchphrase varieties.

Presently, the response for the number of catchphrases that would it be a good idea for you to center on per page will rely upon the length of the substance.

What number of Keywords Should Be on a Homepage?

There ought to be three to four catchphrases on a landing page at an absolute minimum. The landing page resembles some other page on your site and ought to be dealt with the same way for SEO catchphrase purposes.

So target three to four watchwords on the landing page to get the most SEO benefit. The least demanding method for adding more watchwords to your landing page is to compose longer happy. Many individuals treat their landing page as a visual selling piece and do exclude many words on the page. While this might look great from a plan angle, it can hurt your SEO.

What Is the Ideal Keyword Density?

The ideal watchword thickness is around 1-2% as per SEO specialists. This implies the catchphrase seems one to twice for every 100 words. The more extended the substance, the lower the catchphrase thickness ought to be. You believe that the catchphrase should show up enough times for good SEO without watchword stuffing.

You can count the watchword thickness for the highest level pages in Google for your aim catchphrase to find out about the thickness you ought to go for the gold. You can likewise reference the catchphrase thickness for your highest level substance for comparative themes to get a decent beginning stage.

Presently, with everything that is expressed, you need to place your catchphrases perfectly positioned on the page to convey the right messages to Google that your substance ought to be positioned for them.


It’s no secret that ranking #1 for a certain keyword is a major goal for any business. However, achieving this feat can be a daunting task. In this article, we have discussed the different keyword research tools available and their features. So, whether you’re looking for a tool or SEO Company in Gurgaon to help you target long-tail keywords or just want to know which one is best for you, stay tuned!

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