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Know More About MRZ Passport & PEP Screening

The passport verification service from mrz.com is the first-ever verification process of its category, especially developed to protect against passport fraud. Our experts check the validity of 19 parameters such as the MRZ code, passport number, date of birth, and much more – within only 30 minutes. Count on us to safely connect your business with potential customers or partners over the internet. With just a single tap on your phone, it collects passport details such as MRZ and validates them. It also parses the document and only requires an approximate match of first two lines of the personal details and biometrics to get a green checkmark. No more browsing through PDF documents, no need to go to third-party websites. Just open up mrz passport app, type in the passport number and hit “validate”.

The mrz passport stands for Machine Readable Zone. It contains machine readable data that is based on ICAO standards. The MRZ (Machine-Readable Zone) of a passport is not the same as the biometric passports; however, many countries are supportive in giving reasons to accept biometric passports. By doing this, it has been considered that a biometric passport can be used only once while the other can be used multiple times.

Certain professions are more vulnerable to risks associated with politically exposed persons (PEPs) than others. This is why verification of pep screening before offering them a position aboard your company is important. While not all PEPs are corrupt, the wrongful influence of one corrupt PEP can spell financial and/or reputational disaster for an organisation. In the same way that organisations should take precautions against hiring criminals, who are also often PEPs, it is equally important to exercise due diligence when it comes to hiring individuals who may be linked to political affairs in their home countries.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) are individuals or leaders who play an active political role or assume critical public responsibilities. These positions can entail representing their country in official interactions with foreign governments and private organizations, managing state funds or resources in large-scale state-owned companies, and operating in other areas where they are exposed to corruption risk.

PEPs have the ability to wield direct or indirect influence over organisations they are associated with. It is critical for companies to verify their identity and associate with them only after doing a thorough background check, as a single corrupt PEP could spell financial and/or reputational disaster on your company.  PEPs, or Politically Exposed Persons, are also known as politically exposed foreign persons (or PEPs, for short). They are individuals who play an active political role or assume critical public responsibilities. These people are usually from a country that is vulnerable to corruption and economic crimes such as fraud and money laundering due to its unstable political, social, or economic environments.

PEPs are usually associated with corruption. Amongst the common ones are politicians, bureaucrats and political candidates who hold positions of power and often have control over how big private companies or government institutions operate. PEPs can be influential in a variety of ways – They may dictate policies or legislation, possess or manage large sums of money, and enter into transactions that extend beyond their official capacity as government officials. PEPs may also be connected to other lower-level public figures through familial ties, educational connections and more. While not all PEPs are corrupt, the wrongful influence of one corrupt PEP can spell financial.

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