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Knowledge of hydraulic seals

Seals are mechanisms that prevent leakage (internal and external) of working media and foreign bodies (such as air, dust and water) from entering hydraulic components and systems.

Although seals are accessories in hydraulic equipment, the quality of seals and sealing devices is one of the key factors directly affecting the normal operation of hydraulic system. To a certain extent, the quality of seals has restricted the improvement of performance and reliability of hydraulic components and hydraulic system, the service life, and the key factors affecting the quality and level of hydraulic equipment and participating in international competition. This is also one of the main factors for the quality differences of hydraulic original parts at home and abroad. Often the damage caused by individual seal failures can be tens of millions of times the value of the seal itself.

Dust-proof seal

Installed on the inside of the end cap of the hydraulic cylinder, the main sealing lip is exposed to the air. The sealing medium is dirt, dust, rain and frost attached to it. It prevents the outside dirt and rain from entering the inside of the sealing mechanism, affecting the viscosity of the hydraulic oil and scratching the sealing lip of the inner seal.

Piston rod seal

Installed in the dust-proof seal on the inside of the end cap of the hydraulic cylinder, the function is to prevent the hydraulic oil from leaking out. It is one of the main pressure-bearing original parts. The seal bears unidirectional pressure and has a high pressure, so it directly contacts the hydraulic oil. It requires good pressure-retaining performance under stationary state, high pressure-retaining capability in motion, good sealing performance, small friction coefficient and strong extrusion resistance.

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Support ring

Installed on the inside of the end cap of the hydraulic cylinder, the main function is to support the piston rod; To prevent poor sealing effect and short service life caused by uneven pressure bearing caused by non-vertical force of piston rod on rod seal.

Guide belt

Installed on the piston, the main function is to guide the piston to move in a straight line. It prevents the piston from running off due to uneven force, leading to internal leakage and reducing the service life of the seal, etc. The service life of guide belt and support ring directly affects the service effect and life of piston seal and piston rod seal, so the requirements for guide belt and support ring are higher, such as small coefficient of friction, high hardness, long service life, etc.

Piston seals

Installed on the piston, the main function is to seal the clearance between the piston and cylinder barrel, prevent hydraulic oil leakage, etc. The piston seal is the main seal in the hydraulic cylinder and bears pressure in both directions. It is one of the most important seals that the hydraulic cylinder can withstand pressure value. The main requirements for piston seals are good sealing effect, good pressure retaining effect under stationary state. For example, strong pressure-bearing capacity during movement, anti-extrusion, small coefficient of friction, long service life, etc.

Static Seal

The static sealing ring of the end cap is installed at the contact position between the outer circle of the end cap and the inner wall of the hydraulic cylinder. The piston static sealing ring is installed between the piston and the piston rod.

They are all static sealing rings in the hydraulic cylinder. The static sealing of the end cap is to prevent hydraulic oil from leaking out from the gap between the end cap and cylinder barrel. One-sided pressure bearing requires strong anti-extrusion ability and good sealing effect. The piston static seal is bidirectional pressure-bearing, which prevents hydraulic oil from leaking between piston and piston rod. It requires strong anti-extrusion ability and good sealing effect.

Rotary Seal

Installed on the shaft of the hydraulic pump and motor to prevent the working medium from leaking out of the housing along the shaft and the external dust reaction from invading the inside of the body. Generally speaking, the pressure-bearing capacity of oil seal is poor, generally 0.2-0.3MPa, the pressure-bearing capacity of fluororubber pressure-resistant oil seal is 0.25-0.7MPa, and the maximum pressure-bearing capacity of high-pressure oil seal in Xinxingke seal is 40 MPa.

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